● Janhavi Patankar (February 2023): “Wish to share my experience with the Ground Patches.

It was sometime in the month of November 2022 when I noticed a very tiny pustule just under my chin.

It wasn’t causing much pain or discomfort thus thought it might subside on its own , perhaps hormonal changes etc .

However suddenly around 29th January in the evening it grew to a size of a coin , hard, red and extremely painful.

I knew one thing with all that I have understood about Earthing is the reason is definitely inflammation. Started to wear the patch , especially overnight .It wasn’t subsiding much initially but I still persisted without any medication ,oral or external application.

I finally showed it to a physician after a week who said it is an abscess. The physician fortunately decided not to put me on to antibiotics but rather that I should show it to a good surgeon only. The physician was aware of my Earthing practice here in Pune .

I decided to persist with the Ground Patches and finally now ie .17th February it has healed .”

A Brief Guide to Earthing


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