Accelerated Healing from Surgery

No Pain or Inflammation after Hip Replacement

From Gail Margaret Rhodes, Fairfield, Iowa (October 2018): “I am a very active 80 year old in excellent health. I spend as much time outdoors as possible. I grew up spending summers barefoot and have for many decades walked barefoot at sunrise, celebrating my deep connection with Mother Earth. And for some years I have been using a primitive grounding setup with copper wires to ground myself indoors.

“Prior to having my right hip replaced recently a friend wanted to make sure I was grounding comfortably and healed quickly from the surgery so she “upgraded” me with the gift of an Earthing mat.

“I had surgery on Sept 19th, was discharged on the 20th, and was back at work on the 21st. All the usual swelling and pain associated with joint surgery were miraculously avoided it appears by simply being grounded. I can’t say I know the specifics of how Earthing works, but I am living proof that it does. My surgeon expressed high praise of my  recovery when he made his rounds on the evening of my surgery. He was so pleased that he signed my discharge papers for the next morning! He mentioned that only about 2 percent of the total hip replacement patients are discharged the day after the operation, and no one near my age.

“I do a very long meditation program, spending at least five hours daily in my practice, so I am able to ground myself routinely during that time. I used the grounding mat up until the day before surgery. I knew blood thinning was a natural effect of grounding, but since I have spent so many hours grounding for so long I didn’t think it would be a problem. It wasn’t.  Aspirin was prescribed, as is customary postop for hip replacement patients to prevent blood clotting. It has nothing to do with pain. The day of surgery I was given 81 mg of aspirin and was told to take one in the morning and one in the evening for four weeks. I have done so, while watching for any signs of abnormal blood thinning. I have one week to go and everything is normal.

“I was also prescribed the routine pain medication of 1-2 pain narcotics every 6 hours and 3 Tylenol tabs every 8 hours. I was also given two kinds of stool softeners. For the day and a half that I was in the hospital I was given little paper cups full of pills. I took one Tylenol (not even extra strength) for three more days after leaving the hospital and then stopped it.  It could hardly be responsible for the lack of pain or inflammation I experienced!

“After using crutches and a walker for the first few days, I no longer needed either.  A day or two after leaving the hospital, I was asked by five friends if my surgery had been postponed. They couldn’t believe that I was walking so normally already.

“I’m sure my long time practice of grounding is responsible for my excellent health overall. I was told by the anesthesiologist, just prior to surgery, that my medical profile is that of a 23  year old!  I am forever grateful for the vibrant health and vitality that I feel at my age that I attribute to my history of grounding!”

70-year-old Florida man: recovery from surgery for a thigh bone fracture 

“The first time I used a grounding sheet I quickly noticed that a small pain in my left heel was gone. Several months later, I had a nasty fall. My wife had to call Fire Rescue to help me up off the floor. They transported me to a local hospital where they confirmed that I had broken my left femur. The very next day I had my wife bring the sheet to me while in the hospital. The next day I had an operation where I had a rod placed into my leg.

“The day after surgery I had a visit from my doctor and he was amazed that I had no swelling in the leg whatsoever. I remained in the hospital for 4 additional days and the doctor and nurses all were amazed that the leg never began to swell.

“There appears to be no other explanation than the grounding sheet doing its function.

“I have gone through rehab since being released from the hospital and am 95% back to where I was before the fall and no one is taking my grounding sheet from me. I don’t know how much a role the sheet played in my recovery, but the leg never swelled. I did have pain that was associated with the recovery from the operation, but it quickly subsided and today I am walking again.

“My doctor told me that I recovered extremely quickly…65% ahead of the curve for similar operations he has performed. A coincidence or a commentary on the value of the sheet? During the day I will typically find one of my two cats sleeping on top of the sheet. Think they know something about grounding?”

Relief from cranial nerve pain and brain surgery

“In 2016 I was crippled with cranial nerve pain caused by a large brain tumour at the base of my skull. A facial nerve, cochlear nerve and vestibular nerve were being stretched and compressed. Worst time of my life! When it was really bad I had to take sleeping tablets just to sedate myself to get some sleep. I’m a zoologist and have always been connected to Nature so every day I would lie flat on my back in the meadow or forest close to where I live. And my nervous system would calm down, and my body would relax enough for me to fall asleep sometimes. It was the only thing that worked and kept me going. I’d recommend it to everyone. I had brain surgery then in 2017 and after 3 days when I could finally stand up out of bed, they took me downstairs to the rehab department. The first thing I asked them to do was take me outside onto the grass. I took off my slippers and walked , and it was like coming home again, an amazing experience for me. Everything relaxed. And everyday after that I asked my family to take me outside in the wheelchair just so as I could spend a few minutes with my feet on the Earth. it is the most natural state to be in. with the soles of your feet connected to the Earth. I’ve learned since that 30 mins everyday in the bare feet is enough to reharmonise the body. Even if you walk over concrete in the barefeet you can absorb the Earth’s electrons. It is the most wonderful experience.”

California woman reports speedy recovery from minor surgery

“Yesterday (September 25, 2017) I had surgery, a relatively minor procedure, and when I came home, I was in considerable discomfort, bordering on pain. As evening approached, I was beginning to regret refusing the prescription for OxyContin. But sleeping with my Earthing pillow on my stomach seemed to work. This morning the swelling is gone and so is the pain! I was told to expect at least two days of pain, but I didn’t even need a Motrin!

“My husband is waiting on me hand and foot, so I’m not telling him!”

Accelerated healing after minor surgery – from a retired computer programmer

From a retired computer programmer in Washington State:  “I am in my third year of being grounded nightly.  I’ve had some minor surgery done and was told that the cut/damage that was done to my skin would take weeks to heal.  Not so!  Within days it had resolved and disappeared.”

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