Accelerated Healing with Earthing Patches

In general, all forms of Earthing (grounding) accelerate the healing process. There is something special, however, about the Earthing patches (that are similar to EKG patches that doctors use). Here are some stories of how the patches have helped various people over the years. For more information about the patches and how to use them, check out this article:

Earthing patches can be placed anywhere on the body. Used on the chest (left image) is often helpful for respiratory ailments. The most conductive places are the palms and bottom of feet.

Shoulder tendonitis: “Had a severe acute shoulder tendonitis. I put a patch on the worse spot hoping for maybe 25% relief, worried I could not work the next day. Woke pain free! Should have taken 6-8 weeks to heal. Was not placebo as I was not expecting that much relief.”Plantar fasciitis: A nurse told us that she suffered with plantar fasciitis for 15 years. She had cortisone shots in her heels, wore a boot at night, and did stretching exercises on a daily basis. After sleeping grounded for three weeks with patches on both feet, she said “I’ve never been bothered again.”

Leg cramps: A 79-year-old man said he suffered with nightly leg cramps, common among the elderly. He used an Earthing sheet but didn’t get relief. He decided to try grounding patches as well. “I find that if I attach the Earthing patch to the calves of my legs when I go to bed, I do NOT have leg cramps,” he told us.  “Or if a cramp starts and I immediately attach a patch to the area, the cramping does not progress further and relief comes within 2 or 3 minutes.”From a delivery service worker: “Whenever I have a stress headache, tight neck and shoulder or back pain, I plug myself into the ground and attach the electrode patch near the site of pain. Within 30 minutes the pain has subsided, after 45 minutes the pain is totally gone.”

Body discomfort anywhere: “I am 74 years old, and have seen my lab results improved significantly since I’ve been Earthing. Whenever I feel a little discomfort at some spot on my body, I get quick relief when I place an Earthing patch on the site even though I am already grounded with a sheet.”

Relief for massage therapist: From a female massage therapist in her 50s: “When I’m treating clients, I place the patches on areas of pain and discomfort, or at the K1 point of the feet, or the palms of the hands. I noticed that when my clients are Earthing, about 20 minutes into the session, their tissue seems to release more easily, and I am able to work more deeply. My clients report that there is another ‘layer’ of relaxation and release that they experience.”

Knee arthritis: “My wife is an ex-dancer, and developed wear-and-tear arthritis in her knees, quite severely in the right knee. She doesn’t want to take medication or undergo knee replacement surgery. For the last eight years she has been sleeping grounded, and has no problem sleeping. During the afternoon she will apply a patch to each knee after the pain has intensified from daily activity and she is relaxing, watching TV or reading.  She says the patches usually give her major relief in about 10 minutes.”

Sore back:  A 62-year-old Pittsburgh man in the floor refinishing business employs younger men to run the heavier equipment. Generally, after training a new employee on the equipment, he develops a sore back. A friend gave him an Earthing patch and grounding cord to use after his next training session in case the pain developed. It did. His back started to throb that night.  He put the patch on the pain site. He called his friend the next morning and excitedly reported that “the pain was gone, I can’t believe it. It’s like magic.”

Badly bruised toe: My husband banged his toe really bad. The pain was intolerable and I’m sorry I didn’t take the picture of the bruising. He listened to me and put the patch on and pain went away. Bruising went down.  So happy I had the patches and wires.”

Root canal:  “Used the patch after a root canal and didn’t have to take any pain medication. Swelling was gone within hours.”

Toothache: “I used a patch on my cheek when I had a crazy painful toothache. Pain subsided about 90% in 2 days. Cancelled trip to dentist.”

 Injured foot: “I dropped a knife on top of my foot. It bled a little, swelled, turned red and swollen. I put patch over it and slept. Next day completely well.”

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