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● From Veena Vikram Bingle, July 2022: “When I started Earthing I was apprehensive and not sure whether I would be able to do it. But Jhanvi instilled confidence and encouraged me. A month later there was no looking back for me, although I did take a break in between. Today my journey with earthing/grounding has brought me to a stage where I am able to do yoga on the grass for an hour without using the mat. And this has helped in reducing the chronic pain in my ankle and calf to a great extent!”

● From Bo Syrotiak, an occupational therapist in Southern California (2019): “I sprained my right ankle really bad while hiking, resulting in severe swelling, sensory abnormalities, and skin texture changes.  Even after two years, I still had mild swelling, skin discoloration, pins-and-needles feeling, and sandpaper-like skin texture at the site of the sprain.  I started grounding by walking barefoot on the lawn and beach as often as I could. Within about three months the symptoms such as sandpaper-like skin dryness and swelling healed up and resolved.  I normally sleep grounded, walk barefoot on moist grass at sunrise, and walk barefoot on the beach on Saturdays. I even started a beach meetup group called Move Barefoot to inspire others.”

● From Suzanne Button,  58, Lakeland, Florida (2019):  “A few days ago I twisted my ankle stepping down off a curb when my flip flop twisted.  Immediate sharp pain and inability to put pressure on it without pain indicated a sprain. First I went to the beach and stood in the sand at the base of the ocean for 45 minutes with the water rushing over and burying my ankle in the wet sand. This brought some improvement. Then at night I used a grounding band wrapped around the sprained ankle and slept with it there. The next morning my ankle was healed. I was able to walk on it and put pressure on it with no pain.  I had no swelling either. No doctors, zero pain killers, crutches, wraps, boots, cast, etc. and my ankle is fine!! I love earthing!”

● From the 2012 blog of a medical doctor in England: “On 3rd January, I vaulted over a high gate and landed on some steps the other side, twisting my right ankle as I did this. I’ve had pain in this ankle ever since. Not enough to stop me walking, but running has been out of the question. Rushing down the stairs (as I like to do) has also been quite uncomfortable. I’ve also had a pain in the top of my left foot. Not sure when this started, but I first noticed it at least several weeks ago.

“My earthing experiment started with me sitting with my bare feet on damp grass on 14th April. I lasted 20 minutes. Later in the day I noticed that the pain in my left foot and ankle had disappeared completely (and they have not returned since).

“Another odd thing is that for the preceding few days I had been brewing an ingrowing toenail on my right big toe. I used to get these a lot when I was younger, but they’ve been rarer since I’ve gotten older. The normal course for these is to get steadily worse over several days and then I’d perform a bit of DIY surgery (don’t ask) to relieve the issue. The morning after my first earthing escapade, I noticed that my ingrowing toenail had utterly resolved on its own. That day I put my bare feet on the grass again, this time for 30 minutes. And then an earthing mat arrived and I’ve been using it ever since which I put my feet on when I work.”

“OK, so the near miraculous resolution of my foot and ankle troubles could have been due to a lovely placebo response. I’m comfortable with this, if that’s the case (though I’ll never know). But one of my experiences I think points away from the improvement being purely placebo: For several months now I’d also had a niggly pain in my left elbow which is most noticeable when I wake up. While my ankle and foot pain (and ingrowing toenail) resolved, my elbow pain did not. This does not in any way disprove my foot/ankle improvement was not a placebo response, but the likelihood of it being placebo is diminished by the experience with my elbow I think.

From the same medical blogger, May 2013: “About a year ago…it seemed as though earthing might have quickly resolved a persistent pain in my left ankle and foot. I’ve been earthing regularly ever since and my pain has not returned. A pain in my left elbow had not resolved (at the time) but has resolved now. I was prone to pain coming from somewhere around my left hip that had bothered me for several months, too. That pain has also resolved. The resolution of my pains may have had nothing to do with grounding (I will never know). However, my hunch (and it is just that) is that earthing has brought me real benefits.

● “I have been sleeping grounded for two years, since after a severe ankle break. The surgical repair required a plate and nine screws. As a result, I was experiencing difficulty sleeping and had nerve pain in my left foot. With grounding, almost immediately I was sleeping better and the nerve pain subsided. Most significantly, I have a ‘quieter mind’ when sleeping grounded. I fall asleep much quicker if I have to get up during the night. These are subtle things, but very beneficial. I feel more rested when I wake up and love the results of being connected to the Earth. When I started grounding, I had a 17-year-old dog with mental decline and arthritic issues. After sleeping for two weeks on a grounded pad his back was more relaxed, he slept better and seemed to move without the chronic pain. It added so much to the quality of his last year of life. He passed away at 18 years and I feel that the Earthing really gave him relief and less stress.”

● “I am a non-professional athlete who has been running since childhood. I had shoulder pain from a fall on a local running trail in August 2009, left hip pain for years, a tweaked neck, and was recovering from a sprained ankle a month before (that was not my year!). After one hour of Earthing, the pain in all areas nearly vanished. I went through the change three years ago and could not sleep a full night without waking up multiple times from pain of past injuries and a noisy living environment. Since sleeping on my Earthing sheet, all has changed. For the first time in three years, I have been sleeping a full night sleep with dreams. I feel more balanced, my friends say I look younger now, and I have a renewed zest for life!”

● KK, female, 75, from Denver, walking barefoot outdoors daily since December for 15 minutes to 2 hours. Reports no symptoms. “A swollen ankle is much improved, and sleep is 25-50% better.”

● From Faye Petherick, May 2022: “Living in Canada, it’s only been the past couple of days that it’s been warm enough that I was tempted to sit outside and ground myself, barefoot in the grass. I did this yesterday for about 1.5 hrs, and again today for about 1 hr… I may get out there and add another hour today. I’m pleasantly surprised how quickly I feel less stiffness in my feet & ankles through barefoot outside grounding – I could feel the stiffness decreasing after 1/2 hr and was able to then fairly comfortably flex my foot and ankles and do the series of foot exercises that typically require me to ‘work through the pain’ with little discomfort at all. It’s about 2 hours since today’s barefoot session and I’m happy to report I’m still experiencing significant pain relief in my feet and ankles. I did sleep on my grounding sheet last night and sat with feet on my grounding pad this am for a couple of hrs. (these 2 things have become habit with me). I judge today to be my best experience to date with getting longer lasting pain relief. 🙂 Edited at 5:53pm…. went out to bare foot ground for another hour after I made my original post. Feet and ankles still going pretty good.”

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