Another Woman’s Multiple Benefits

Lorraine Lopez, 47, Lancaster CA, wrote us in January 2020 with the following report:  “I’m a busy mother of five, with five pets as well.  I have all the Earthing products, including bands, patches, and the bed mat.

“I first started Earthing in mid-September by going barefoot outside on the grass during the week and on weekends at the beach while we stayed on our boat. In December, I started sleeping grounded.

“Almost immediately I felt relief from the stabbing fiery pain of plantar fasciitis. Previously, I could barely walk because of the pain and sometimes I couldn’t walk at all. That by itself was such a miracle to me, but there was more.  Much, much more. 

“I had a great deal of pain from two ingrown toenails and could only wear flip flops since the slightest touch would make me yell. Since Earthing, the pain is completely gone.

“I also noticed right away that the psoriasis on my legs was getting lighter and the itch and burn had gone away.  Now it’s completely gone!

“At my age, I was starting to experience hormonal changes.  I was having double periods, killer cramps, and heavy flow. Now I get no cramps at all!  No PMS either and my flow is light!  No more double periods or menopause symptoms! If you’re a woman you’re probably saying yay with me. I also noticed I got my libido back, as well as clarity. No more brain fog, not one anxiety attack, and no migraines. I had migraines several times a week and when I got one I would lay my head on my grounding sheet, and it would go away.  Now I don’t get them anymore just from sleeping grounded during the week and going barefoot at the beach during the weekends. I was also experiencing back of the head tremors which used to frighten me. Haven’t had one again, also since Earthing!

 “When I was 25, I was involved in an accident and broke all my ribs on one side, as well as an arm, hand, leg, foot, and collar bone. Since hitting 40 or so, every winter I‘ve developed excruciating arthritic pain. I just noticed a week ago that now I wake up without any aches and pains. I’m actually walking all over town now even in the cold!

“My husband also sleeps grounded with me and he hasn’t complained of his usual hip, back, leg, or foot pain anymore. We sleep so good every night and feel super rested every time we get up.  Sometimes we don’t get that much sleep but it feels like we slept for hours. We wake up energized.

“I’m grounding my kids and they tell me their sleep is great and they feel more energized.   

“All I can say is that I’m feeling fantastic.  Thank you, Earthing!”