Knee surgery

From Dick Brown, Ph.D., a well-known Oregon exercise physiologist and trainer of elite athletes.   “I personally experienced the benefit of grounding when I had a right knee replacement in 2009. I needed it after years of being physically active at a fairly high level. This is my second knee replacement surgery. The first was …

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Knee arthritis

“My wife is an ex-dancer, and developed wear-and-tear arthritis in her knees, quite severely in the right knee. She doesn’t want to take medication or undergo knee replacement surgery. For the last eight years she has been sleeping grounded, and has no problem sleeping. During the afternoon she will apply a patch to each knee …

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● Jim Funk, 70, Florida (2020): “Addiction: Earthing, (feet on the ground), has been crucial for my ongoing recovery from online video game addiction. (1 decade/1- 5 hours daily/ 6 months of recovery). In 15-30 minutes of earthing, I consistently become calmer, happier, more focused, and spiritually connected. Earthing is more available than video games, …

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Going barefoot

Gunnar Hovde, 75, Denmark. Dear sir. I am 75 and completely healthy, no medication at all and no pain anywhere. I started going barefoot about 12 years ago. I mean going barefoot all day. When I get up, I don’t put shoes and socks on. It took me about 3 years to get used to …

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Coronavirus Survey

Help Us Learn How Earthing May Be Helping You To our Earthing family:  We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy throughout the current epidemic.  We hope also that you are using Earthing as part of your strategies for doing so.  The Earthing Institute is interested in learning how grounding products …

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