• From a technical engineer in the telecommunication industry in 2011:  “My lungs kept getting a lot of mucus build up and I have been suffering from chronic breathing problems and extreme coughing and gagging attacks since at least 2001.  I had a job requiring a great deal of travel but had to take a desk job because I could not travel without getting extremely ill.  I rarely go out, even to the grocery store – catching a common cold would typically force me to go to the ER for breathing treatments. I have been hospitalized under the care of a pulmonologist for a week on four separate occasions, the CT-SCAN’s and hospital test all identified that I was in fact ill and had chronic inflammation, but we were unable to find medication that would successfully address the inflammation. So have had constant chronic bronchitis and even had to have my lungs surgically cleaned out 4 times already and no medication would work for me. My pulmonologist suggested I get your book, which I did. I applied the ‘grounding’ at my desk at home.  I also use the wrist strap method while sleeping at night.  In the last month I have been “grounded” and I feel much better – nowhere near 100% but for the first time in years I feel like there is hope again. For the first time in years my lungs have cleared.”

• From a reader of the Earthing book in England: “Roughly 12 years ago I had a lung operation which led to bronchitis and shortness of breath. There were times when speaking, my voice would falter and I would make excuses telling people that I had a slight cold. After using the grounding sheet for one week, nothing altered only that I had one good night’s sleep. After the first two days of the second week, things began to change radically. I noticed a marked improvement in my breathing − and my chest became very clear. Added to that, my energy levels soared and during the day I felt no trace of tiredness as I used to previously. I am now coming up to one month of using the grounding sheet and I can honestly say it is the best investment I have ever made.”

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