Conditions :”B”


From a doctor in 2019:  “I have a family member who gets admitted into the hospital nearly every other year or yearly for over 20+ years for bipolar disorder. His hospital admissions coincide with the inability to sleep, which leads to insomnia associated psychotic breakdowns. Recently, his insomnia was on the rise and manic symptoms …

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• From a technical engineer in the telecommunication industry in 2011:  “My lungs kept getting a lot of mucus build up and I have been suffering from chronic breathing problems and extreme coughing and gagging attacks since at least 2001.  I had a job requiring a great deal of travel but had to take a …

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Blood Pressure

● “I’ve been grounding now for about 3 months and have had the most miraculous experience. Aches, pains and my stresses have all but disappeared. I feel relaxed and completely energized. In fact I’ll tell you I had BP readings of 140/110.  The doctor said I needed meds, and I said no, there is another …

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