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From Karen Blaine, 66, Yakima, WA (2020):  “I first heard of Earthing from my younger sister who said she and her husband tried all the Earthing products. They have both been fighting autoimmune issues, inflammation, and lack of sleep. They have 5 adult children who are also Earthing.  My sister told me this is something …

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Crohn’s Disease

Jennifer Finlay, February 2022. “I have Crohns. Have been grounding for 14 months. all night with sleep mat and as many hours possible during the day using the universal mat on average 7 hours a day. I have not had a single flare up during this time. Which means my inflammation is under control. Long …

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Celiac disease

Sarah Laucks, York, PA, wellness educator, (2017): Sarah Laucks is a former education director of an organization that stages events in the U.S. and Canada for people with disabilities, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals.  She shared her grounding experience with us in December 2017: “My ‘adventure’ with pneumonia meant four trips to the ER (three …

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● A 79-year-old man said he suffered with nightly leg cramps, common among the elderly. He used an Earthing sheet but didn’t get relief. He decided to try grounding patches as well. “I find that if I attach the Earthing patch to the calves of my legs when I go to bed, I do NOT …

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Caesarean section/C-section

● From a woman in Australia: “My 2-month-old scar wound from a caesarean was not healing and I had constant bad back pain. I had tried absolutely everything the doctor prescribed without any success. I heard about Earthing and, even though I was skeptical, I decided to try the large body band around my torso …

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Covid and Long Covid Survivors

● Sandra Lee, May 2022: “I have been grounding for 10 years and I got the virus. It does help with recovery.” ● From JP Joseph: Earthing changed my life! “Long hauling” Covid survivor. 8 months nonstop suffering of hyper inflammation in my lungs and low blood oxygen levels. Been doing this for a month …

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● From a female bus driver in Ireland: “I have been earthing for the last 3 years, and think it’s amazing.  It does everything you say it does. I have not been sick or got a cold since I’ve started, unbelievable due to the fact that I used get so bad each year I would …

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• “I have had cellulitis on my leg for a long time and it never gets better.  I also had an open wound that wouldn’t heal in this area from having a medical procedure previously. I heard about grounding and while on vacation I stayed in the salt water as much as possible during the day …

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