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Macular degeneration

● From Tom, 70, who has been grounding since 2015, using a half-sheet. He has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and macular degeneration. He reports “off thyroid meds, allergies better, sleep better, and eyes have not become worse. No advanced macular degeneration.”


● From a woman in Ireland (2019): “I have had 2 very bad menopause years after having my ovaries and tubes removed.  I cannot take any of the HRT because I’ve had some bad cells removed.  I’ve had no sleep, a lot of joint pain, and extremely bad hot flushes.  I would come out of one …

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Morton’s Neuroma

● “I believe I have had significant benefit from sleeping grounded. I had lots of ‘pins and needles’ and numbness through my hands, arms, legs feet and spreading through my body – which is disappearing. Also I had 2 Morton’s Neuromas in my feet (that I had taken cortisone for) and now they have almost …

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Improves mood – feeling more alive

From Jim Funk: Because Earthing (skin to ground) in 15-45 minutes calms me and powerfully improves my mood, it has been wonderful in treating insomnia, depression, anxiety,  (political situation/Covid) and addiction (Video games).  It appears that filling up with electrons from the earth improves many physical conditions.  Less talked about, however, is a more spiritual …

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Multiple Benefits – Men

Relief of earache, headache, arthritic pain, and recovery from tooth extraction ● From David Olson, 86, a retired professor of forestry and wildlife living in New Hampshire, who has been grounding for about two years (2017):  “I sleep on an Earthing sheet and it gives me a good night’s sleep of six or more hours. I …

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Multiple Benefits from 2020 Survey

In May 2020 we sent out a survey seeking feedback about how Earthing was helping our many subscribers, including protection from the coronavirus. Fifty-three individuals took time to fill out our questionnaire. There were no reports of coronavirus among the responders. This was not a scientific study, just a request for feedback. We share some …

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Multiple Sclerosis

●  At age 24, Melanie Monteith was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  She had on-and-off bouts of fatigue, numbness and tingling, shock-like waves in her spine, diminished feeling in both arms, and issues with balance. Simple daily tasks, even brushing her teeth or washing her hair, had become challenging.  She often braced herself against the wall, fearing she …

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“I have seen great results with my 86-year-old mother who has memory loss and has been on four meds for high blood pressures for many years. Her blood pressure went down to a point where we had to take her off her medication and she is now taking one new medication which is not as …

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More Multiple Benefits (2013 Survey)

In 2013 we sent out a message to our email list asking what Earthing has done for you. The feedback demonstrated the remarkable systemic effects that Earthing has on the physiology. For many people, there were multiple benefits. The feedback included improvement and relief in the following areas (alphabetically): ● Anxiety● Asthma● Bell’s palsy● Blood …

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Multiple Benefits – Women

NOBODY can tell me that Grounding does NOT work. PERIOD. Peggy Hernandez Brewer, Joliet, Illinois. There is NOBODY that can tell me that Grounding does NOT work. PERIOD. Yes, it may take time for you to see the changes but I have PROOF it works. Pure PROOF. For over 15 years I have been taking …

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