Conditions :”R”

Root Canal

· “Used the patch after a root canal and didn’t have to take any pain medication. Swelling was gone within hours.”

Rheumatoid arthritis

● From Kara Elizabeth, Elephant Shoe Lifestyle, Illuminated Website, April 2020: Earthing (Grounding) Mat “A product that changed my ‘reality!’ Joint inflammation, insomnia and grogginess be gone. A damn miracle. “Before I could walk I was assumed to have JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). As long as I remember I would cringe with weather, temperature or …

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Arthritis (Osteo)

For rheumatoid arthritis, click here. Hand arthritis ● From Danilo Psico, an electronics engineer in Sao Paulo (2020):  I would like to share the experience of my grandmother, 86. She has osteoarthritis in her hands and after only six days of sleeping with Earthing patches on the palms (one on each palm), she is able …

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A Brief Guide to Earthing


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