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Defuse Jet Lag with Grounding

earthing and jet lag

Looking to reduce common jet lag?  Ground yourself as soon as possible after landing and flying through multiple times zones. Here are some ideas how: sit, stand, walk barefoot on a patch of grass or plain old soil, or the wet sand at the beach, or take a dip in the lake or ocean.  Or …

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Pets Benefit From Grounding, Too

For a veterinarian’s perspective on Earthing, click here.  For more pet stories, see the pet chapter in the Earthing book. To read how grounding can calm pets with storm and Independence Day noise jitters, read this article. Your pets need Earthing, too, especially if they are mostly indoor animals. According to Scientific American, dogs and …

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Snoring Relief

We frequently receive notes from folks saying that their spouses or partners are no longer snoring or are snoring less, and that sleep apnea is improved, as a result of sleeping grounded. One dentist told us that patients using “the Earthing sheets report a lot of gratitude from partners…and everyone’s snoring is much improved or …

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Fibromyalgia Relief

Chronic widespread body pain that often overlaps with moderate to extreme fatigue, headaches, problems with thinking and memory (“fibro fog”), and sleep disturbances – that’s fibromyalgia. It affects 3 to 6 percent of the world population, of which more than three-quarters are women. Experts generally think it is caused by a combination of many physical …

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The Blood Pressure Connection

Click here to see the first-ever study on grounding and high blood pressure, published in 2018, which resulted in significant improvements among all ten hypertensive patients who were grounded over a several month period.    The study was inspired by repeated feedback about improved blood pressure from people after they start Earthing. Their high blood …

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