From Veena Vikram Bengle, July 2022: “When I started Earthing I was apprehensive and not sure whether I would be able to do it. But Jhanvi instilled confidence and encouraged me. A month later there was no looking back for me, although I did take a break in between. Today my journey with earthing/grounding has …

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Loretta Roberts July 2022: “Helps my mom. She was falling a lot and we put a grounding pad on her bed, she quit falling. A couple of weeks ago we got her a new bed and no one thought to put her grounding mat back on her bed. After a week of not having it, …

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Symphysis pubis dysfunction

From Erika Catherine, May 15 2022: “I am now exactly one month into my grounding journey and want to share my story and amazing results. Way back when I was pregnant with my first son who just turned 14 in April I developed a condition called Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). It causes pain in the …

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From Janhavi Patankar, May 14 2022: “A feedback from an Experiential Learning..Used EARTHING PATCHES on my 15 year old son for nearly 14 hours including 7 hours overnight on his palm and also the Elite Pillow Cover .He was running high fever with severe cold .He was only on 3 doses of PCM along with …

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Uterus bleeding

Julie Chrétien May 10 2022: “I am so happy to be grounding ! I made my own grounding stick! Life is better when i am earthing Thank You Clint Ober Personal results: I have stopped bleeding from my uterus (i had been bleeding 25 days of the month for the last year & half). My …

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From Sarah Bain, June 2022: “Wow, wow, wow! Yesterday I connected the earth plug of my grounding mat to a wire that was attached to a tent peg in the garden outside my bedroom. I lay on my bed for two hours with my feet on the mat. For the first time in two months, …

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From Christian Wolfinger, May 2022: “Dear friend, walking barefoot is very healthy though it can’t shelter us from diseases that may have different reasons. Here is how I got rid of my wards – 100 percent and forever: I was about 20 years of age and I had up to 10 warts on every foot. …

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End of Life

From: Kathy Sears, May 2022:  My 97 year old mom went in the hospital on 4/7/2022. She was diagnosed with a kidney infection and declining kidney function. I brought in an earthing mat to put under her feet. After the first week I added an Earthing pillowcase. She recovered from the kidney infection. She had …

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Monthly period/cycle

Anyone noticed any good effects on their monthly period after grounding? Jennifer Fehr (2022): ” Yep. Mine is lighter! I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until about a month ago. Traced the change back to when I started grounding. Makes me happy! Lol” Janhavi Patankar (2022): “Definitely!! Not that I had much problems but …

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