Symphysis pubis dysfunction

From Erika Catherine, May 15 2022: “I am now exactly one month into my grounding journey and want to share my story and amazing results. Way back when I was pregnant with my first son who just turned 14 in April I developed a condition called Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). It causes pain in the …

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From Janhavi Patankar, May 14 2022: “A feedback from an Experiential Learning..Used EARTHING PATCHES on my 15 year old son for nearly 14 hours including 7 hours overnight on his palm and also the Elite Pillow Cover .He was running high fever with severe cold .He was only on 3 doses of PCM along with …

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Uterus bleeding

Julie Chrétien May 10 2022: “I am so happy to be grounding ! I made my own grounding stick! Life is better when i am earthing Thank You Clint Ober Personal results: I have stopped bleeding from my uterus (i had been bleeding 25 days of the month for the last year & half). My …

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From Susan Culverwell, May 2022: “My daughter was diagnosed with vertigo. She started earthing…now it’s gone. Was it the earthing?! I’d like to think so. I also Earth using grounding products for 8/9 hours every night.”


From Christian Wolfinger, May 2022: “Dear friend, walking barefoot is very healthy though it can’t shelter us from diseases that may have different reasons. Here is how I got rid of my wards – 100 percent and forever: I was about 20 years of age and I had up to 10 warts on every foot. …

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End of Life

From: Kathy Sears, May 2022:  My 97 year old mom went in the hospital on 4/7/2022. She was diagnosed with a kidney infection and declining kidney function. I brought in an earthing mat to put under her feet. After the first week I added an Earthing pillowcase. She recovered from the kidney infection. She had …

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Monthly period/cycle

Anyone noticed any good effects on their monthly period after grounding? Jennifer Fehr (2022): ” Yep. Mine is lighter! I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until about a month ago. Traced the change back to when I started grounding. Makes me happy! Lol” Janhavi Patankar (2022): “Definitely!! Not that I had much problems but …

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● Alfred from Idaho, 82, is a longtime raw fooder. He says Earthing has contributed significantly to fixing his “stopped-up prostate,” and that his “thinking and intuition have much improved.”

Motor Neuron Disease (MND)

● From George, 81, in Scotland, who first contacted us in 2012 telling us how Earthing has helped his various health conditions, including severe COPD, from smoking and working with asbestos as a carpenter earlier in life, and motor neuron disease (MND), a condition that affects all muscles in the throat, hands, feet, and legs, …

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From Karen Blaine, 66, Yakima, WA (2020):  “I first heard of Earthing from my younger sister who said she and her husband tried all the Earthing products. They have both been fighting autoimmune issues, inflammation, and lack of sleep. They have 5 adult children who are also Earthing.  My sister told me this is something …

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