● From a female bus driver in Ireland: “I have been earthing for the last 3 years, and think it’s amazing.  It does everything you say it does. I have not been sick or got a cold since I’ve started, unbelievable due to the fact that I used get so bad each year I would have to be hospitalized. I do my earthing outside , every morning for half an hour.”

● From Dwight Mangum, June 2022: “I have used a home-made interface for eight years and it healed everything in two. The contact pad goes in my waistband, against my skin. I have not even caught a cold since I started.”

● From a retired computer programmer in Washington State:  “Well now, I am in my third year of being grounded nightly.  Before, whenever I would have acquired a cold, I would have been in bed and a mess.  I have had some colds since but what they’ve amounted to has been a sneeze here and there but NO congestion.”

● From George, 81, in Scotland, who first contacted us in 2012. “I haven’t had colds or flu in over 15 years.”

● DB, female, 72, from Belgium, grounding since 2013, reported “not been sick with flu or colds the last few years.” She sleeps on a grounding mat, and walks barefoot. She said she felt some malaise, less than usual energy, and slightly feverish for several days in March. “I was not sick but I felt my body was fighting off something. I heal quickly when I do damage to my body. I have no age-related aches or pains.”

● CM, male, 65, Bogota, Columbia, has been walking barefoot in the morning for a half-hour for two-and-a half-years. “I have not had even a minor flu. Helps me get through the day. I have insomnia, without feeling tired.”

● EMB, 60, male, from Alberta. Canada, been grounding many hours both indoors (universal mat at desk and TV chair, sleep mat) and grounded footwear outdoors. “For more than 10 years my partner and I have been committed to the healing power of the Earth. Been perfectly healthy.  Been symptom free this flu season. Not even seasonal allergies.”

● Sarah Laucks, York, PA, wellness educator, (2017): Sarah Laucks is a former education director of an organization that stages events in the U.S. and Canada for people with disabilities, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals.  She shared her grounding experience with us in December 2017: “I have not been sick with a cold or any other contagious disease since I started grounding. In spite of organizing large events, with thousands of people at each event, shaking many hands, hugging many people. I’ve also had four trips during this time period where I flew – time in airports surrounded by hacking, coughing, sneezing passengers.”

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