• From a female bus driver in Ireland: “I have been earthing for the last 3 years, and think it’s amazing.  It does everything you say it does. I have not been sick or got a cold since I’ve started, unbelievable due to the fact that I used get so bad each year I would have to be hospitalized. I do my earthing outside , every morning for half an hour.”

• From a retired computer programmer in Washington State:  “Well now, I am in my third year of being grounded nightly.  Before, whenever I would have acquired a cold, I would have been in bed and a mess.  I have had some colds since but what they’ve amounted to has been a sneeze here and there but NO congestion.”

● From George, 81, in Scotland, who first contacted us in 2012. “I haven’t had colds or flu in over 15 years.”

● DB, female, 72, from Belgium, grounding since 2013, reported “not been sick with flu or colds the last few years.” She sleeps on a grounding mat, and walks barefoot. She said she felt some malaise, less than usual energy, and slightly feverish for several days in March. “I was not sick but I felt my body was fighting off something. I heal quickly when I do damage to my body. I have no age-related aches or pains.”

● CM, male, 65, Bogota, Columbia, has been walking barefoot in the morning for a half-hour for two-and-a half-years. “I have not had even a minor flu. Helps me get through the day. I have insomnia, without feeling tired.”

● EMB, 60, male, from Alberta. Canada, been grounding many hours both indoors (universal mat at desk and TV chair, sleep mat) and grounded footwear outdoors. “For more than 10 years my partner and I have been committed to the healing power of the Earth. Been perfectly healthy.  Been symptom free this flu season. Not even seasonal allergies.

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