Complexion and Appearance

• “I went out to supper last week with an old friend, a facial reconstruction surgeon. He asked if I had had a ‘makeover’ or surgery as I looked about 35. I am 56! My face is so much more youthful that even I have to constantly check in the mirror. Where did those wrinkles go?

“I broke my back a few years ago and was, at the time, diagnosed with osteoporosis. I refused biphosphates and calcium, and was too lazy to take up weight-lifting. However, I had my bones scanned again recently and the results showed a remarkable improvement. I no longer have osteoporosis!

“Other effects I have noticed are better sleep, waking with the sunrise (whether I want to or not), eczema improving big time, reduced inflammation on my legs, no menopause symptoms and a look of surprise from my doctor when she announced that my bloods were perfect!”

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