Conditions “P”


● From a woman, 41, in Brooklyn: Reports that she was “unable to get pregnant from age 18 to 33.” She started sleeping grounded on…
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● From Lorraine Lopez, 47, Lancaster CA, wrote us in January 2020 with the following report:  “I’m a busy mother of five, with five pets…
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● Alfred from Idaho, 82, is a longtime raw fooder who monitors his pH level daily. “Ungrounded, I can keep pH at around 7.4 roughly.…
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Overcoming Pneumonia, Anemia, Fatigue Sarah Laucks is director of education for an organization that stages events in the U.S. and Canada for people with disabilities,…
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Plantar Fasciitis

● Alyson, Barrington, RI (2020): “I have been suffering from severe heel pain for over a year now and more recently it escalated to the…
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“I have vastly improved menstrual cycles. I no longer have any premenstrual symptoms. No cramping or discomfort during the period. The blood flow is noticeably…
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Panic Attacks

• From Thom Daugherty, 40, a music producer in Carmel, Indiana:  “In 2015, I started having 1-2 panic attacks a day. I didn’t know what…
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Multiple pains  ●  From a medical doctor in Australia: “I am quite astonished at the effectiveness of sleeping grounded. I have had a chronic neck…
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