Conditions “S”


•  From Debbie Smith of Melbourne:  “For 8 years I was chronically addicted to nasal spray; Otrivin and similar brands of decongestant nasal sprays. You’re…
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• Two police officer video testimonials:  “Quality of Sleep Improved…less physical pain!” Video 1 Video 2 • From a nurse: “I have been grounded since March…
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Deeper and more restful sleep is one of the most common benefits of grounding. Video: “Sleeping through the night for the first time in five…
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Sex Life

No studies have been done on Earthing and sexual wellness, but we can certainly suggest that Earthing’s effect on the entire physiology implies the potential…
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Skin Disorders

Acne          One Teenager’s Story Photos taken just before grounding and 30 days later Ashley: I started getting acne when I was 12.…
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