Conditions “S”

Sore Throat

● “For eight years I suffered 24/7 from considerable leg pain due to neuropathy. After some 18 to 20 months of sleeping grounded on an…
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Shoulder Pain

● “I am a non-professional athlete who has been running since childhood. I had shoulder pain from a fall on a local running trail in…
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● Danilo Psico, Sao Paulo. My uncle of 84 had a stroke and after that got very tired and could not walk a lot. We…
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● From Knollis Edward Byrd, New Albany, MS (2020):  “I have had sinusitis for several years, confirmed twice by cat scan.  Nose clogged every knighted. …
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• Two police officer video testimonials:  “Quality of Sleep Improved…less physical pain!” Video 1 Video 2 • From a nurse: “I have been grounded since March…
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Deeper and more restful sleep is one of the most common benefits of grounding. ● Video: “Sleeping through the night for the first time in…
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Sex Life

No studies have been done on Earthing and sexual wellness, but we can certainly suggest that Earthing’s effect on the entire physiology implies the potential…
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Skin Disorders

Acne          One Teenager’s Story Ashley: I started getting acne when I was 12. My mom tried a lot of different things to…
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