●   From Wayne, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, (2020): “The 1st of August I stumbled upon The Earthing Movie, and instantly became curious. On one side I was skeptical, but to the other side of me it made sense in the simplest of ways. The next morning I got up, did ti chi and qigong, had a nice country drive with my son. Saw wildlife. But this nagging draw kept bringing thoughts of Earthing, and I decided to do an intentional grounding, or what I could figure out about how to do so. I looked for a beach but they were crowded, but found a quiet spot, took off my socks and shoes, walked into the sun, took a short video and began ti chi but also observing what was around me. Two crows stopped by to watch and do their ‘hello’ sounds. A little bee sat on my foot. I talked to them because it felt right.

“I spent 30 minutes, and during that time the sky was brighter, the grass greener. I could feel the small breeze, and hear its gentleness softly in my ear. I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy and my feet, due to numbness and pain, feel like bricks.  After doing my first intentional Earthing, and connecting back to the planet in a physical way, I felt my feet for the first time in 11 years. It was so wonderful. I missed my feet and tried numerous things for the pain over the years, some had minimal impact, but grounding was unbelievable.

“Today, the 3rd of August I still have a great deal of feeling, however, the numbness is slowly coming back, so I will be grounding on a regular basis going forward. What astounding creatures we are. We build complex systems which make life complicated, when playing in the mud would be more beneficial, living simply off the land, being a part of Mother Earth. I have had many experiences that have taught me much, and Earthing is on the top of that list.”

 ● From a 60-year-old man in Finland, diagnosed with diabetes in 2005, and neuropathy of the legs in 2006:  “I’ve been using pain medication since then.  I have experienced ‘icy’ pain in the soles of the feet during low pressure weather said to be caused by destruction of nerve endings. The pain has felt like standing on ice with bare feet, and the medication hasn’t brought much help. I heard about grounding and put a mat under my computer desk. When the pain next arrived with low pressure weather, I placed my feet on the mat and was surprised as the pain started to disappear and my feet started sweating. Now, after a couple of months, I no longer needed pain medication. I use the grounding mat every day.

●  “I sleep with my feet, ankles or calves on the Earthing mat and I no longer need meds for my diabetic feet. My husband thinks Earthing is total nonsense and that the mat reaches out and steals his energy while he sleeps. Yet last night when I went to bed after my husband, I put my feet down on the Earthing mat and found his two big 10 1/2 eeee-size feet firmly planted on my mat. They refused to move. I woke him up and told him to move his feet. He told me, ‘I can not. My feet want to be on that mat and migrate to it as soon as I go to sleep. I’m sorry, I don’t know what is happening. It is like my feet have a mind of their own. Funny, how the Earthing mat reaches out and draws my husband’s feet into its clutches.
“He also told me he doesn’t know why but the Earthing mat makes him want to touch me when we sleep. After 50 years of marriage this it is fine that the Earthing mat makes him want to stay physically connected to me at night. My husband complains, but I am glad this is happening, because touching the mat with his feet makes his body warm. Someday this stubborn man will acknowledge that the mat is not some kind of entity manipulating his electrical energies but is a scientific way to discharge free radicals.
“Here’s another thing. My dog sleeps with us in our king-sized bed at night. He usually curls up into a ball and sleeps the night away. That was before the mat. Now he burrows down to the mat and plops his dachshund body on our feet and refuses to move. If I make him move he insists on sleeping connected to us. When I and my husband have our feet on the mat, and there is no room for the dog on the mat, the dog in an attempt to be grounded sleeps on top of us in order to get the benefits of grounding. I can get the benefits of Earthing and my feet do not hurt if I touch my husband’s feet or his body. Or if I wait until he only has one foot on the mat I can put one of my feet on the mat and we sleep the night away with the dog between our feet on the mat. The dog is a real believer. He refuses to break contact with the mat on the couch during the day. He lays on it and if you go up to him he rolls over for a belly rub.”

●  From a medical writer in England: “Although I had no reason to believe that Earthing technology had had any specific benefit on Type 2 Diabetes I was interested in exploring the benefits. Curiously at the end of the third week sleeping on the grounding sheet I noticed a change in my blood glucose levels. I routinely monitor these levels daily morning, afternoon and evening. Specifically, as a result of using this item I have been able to cut my insulin requirement in half (50%) and my Metformin dosage by 20%. No further reductions were evidenced after the third week.  I have a particularly aggressive and difficult to control form of type 2 Diabetes namely PTDM (Post Transplant Diabetes Mellitus) that I acquired unexpectedly within 18 months of liver transplant in 2008 and it was subsequently confirmed as a direct side effect and consequence of taking an immunosuppressant drug.”

●  From an engineer in England: “I am somewhat of a cynic. I demand proof or reasoned argument before accepting ideas, but am always open to evidence from whence it comes. I understood and accepted the principles asserted in the (Earthing) book, and accepted the possibility that it might indeed work. Having now practised earthing for a few nights my sleep pattern has improved, and the pain and numbness of my peripheral neuropathy (a consequence of mild diabetes) seems to have eased. I feel better in myself; no doubt consequential of my improved sleep.”

●  From Karen Blaine, 66, Yakima, WA (2020): “As far as my younger sister’s family goes, they are doing much better.  Four of her five children, aged  21-38, have been dealing with a variety of major health issues, including childhood diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders like MS and lupus, as well as anxiety and PTSD. 

“All of the children have been Earthing almost 2 months now, and my sister says the results are nothing short of a miracle!  The pain and inflammation are totally gone from their bodies, they are all getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night. The autoimmune diseases are slowly but surely disappearing.

“All this has been truly an answer to prayer, so thank you to all of you for getting the word out about Earthing, It completely changed our lives. God Bless you all for this genuine true miracle!!”

●  From Dwight Mangum, June 2022: “I have used a home-made interface for eight years and it healed everything in two. I had a knee they said I would never walk on again, 4 collapsed discs in my lower back, high blood pressure, on-set diabetes and slept with a CPAP for a sleep apnea that would only let me sleep for 1.5 hours at a time. I was just trying to fix the sleep apnea. I had no idea it would heal everything. I did not really feel anything until the two-year mark. It fixed the sleep in about 3 months. The contact pad goes in my waistband, against my skin. I have not even caught a cold since I started. If you are not earthing, you are not living, you are dying.”

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