Discovering the Health Benefits of Grounding

The revelations about the health benefits of grounding the human body have probably been known to healers and sages throughout time.

Finding the roots of this knowledge is a challenge.  What is clear is that a law of Nature is at play here: a built-in asset of Nature, the electric charge of the Earth.   It could be what the Chinese called Earth qi; the Indians called Prana.   It is very hard to find details regarding therapeutic applications, however, as being barefoot was an ordinary way of life in the past.

In modern times, there was Adolf Just, one of the leaders of a Back to Nature Movement in German in the late 1880s, and considered one of the founders of the naturopathic movement, who wrote about the health benefits of “Earth power” when people walked barefoot or slept outdoors, even in the winter.   We have recognized his work in our Earthing book, just as we have Mattheo Tavera, a visionary French agronomist, who described the importance of “electric nutrition” from the ground for plants, animals, and humans some 50 years ago. There were also some Frenchmen who studied the effect of grounding in the 1920s and 1930s but it is difficult to find the details of their work.

In the late 1990s, a retired cable TV pioneer started to think about the human body in terms of electrical grounding.

For 25 years, Clint Ober had participated in the spectacular rise of the cable industry that offered consumers superior images over regular broadcast television. He established the leading cable installation company in the U.S.

What does cable TV have to do with health? The answer may surprise you. The crisp image delivered by the cable is the result of shielding that prevents signals from leaking out and prevents outside disturbances from leaking in. The cable consists of an inner copper conductor surrounded by a mesh shield. The shield is electrically connected to the Earth (grounded), so that the Earth can either deliver or absorb electrons and prevent the build-up of electrical charges in the system. The potential of the shield equalizes with that of the Earth’s surface, thus protecting and stabilizing the signals flowing through the conductor.

After his retirement, Mr. Ober began to consider how his experience with cable TV might apply to the human body. He realized that most people wear synthetic-soled shoes that insulate their bodies from the Earth’s connection that stabilizes not only cable TV but all electrical equipment – industrial or residential – throughout the world. This seemingly simple realization inspired a scientific adventure that has resulted in a growing awareness of the Earth’s ability to maintain health and promote healing…awareness that has major clinical importance.

Mr. Ober pioneered ways to bring the Earth’s healing energy inside, for convenient and healing use while people sit or sleep.  He has funded the bulk of research that is now widely available (you can find in posted on the research page on this website) and that provides evidence that connection with the Earth creates beneficial and substantial changes within the physiology….including reduction of inflammation …. changes that are clearly of paramount clinical importance.   Thanks to Mr. Ober, a body of research has been built and hopefully others will build on it further.  This is a great frontier that is opening, with much to learn yet, and much to benefit from.  Earthing reveals a natural and higher level of physiological functioning.  A more accurate level of what is normal.

Mr. Ober, and others before him, are pioneers who have revived a most significant law of Nature that awaits the awakening of humanity to its vast health and healing possibilities.

Clint Ober’s Original Earthing Investigation

In 1998, Mr. Ober experimented on himself, and then on friends. He rigged up a crude conductive system for the bed, using metallic duct tape connected by wire to a ground rod he planted in the soil outside.  He then lay down on his “invention” was thus in contact with the Earth’s energy, simulating being barefoot outdoors.  To his surprise, he found that such contact prompted sleep and significantly reduced his own chronic pain.  He stopped taking painkillers in order to sleep. Wanting to share his “discovery,” he rigged up the beds of his friends in a similar manner.  And they, too, reported the same amazing effect.  Less pain. Better sleep.

In 2000, he organized a group experiment to test whether Earthing, as he called it, could really help people sleep better and reduce their pain. Assisted by a nurse, he identified 60 male and female volunteers with chronic sleep and pain issues. He then went to each of their homes and set up a conductive Earthing pad on their bed. He connected the pads with a wire to a ground rod placed in the Earth outside their bedroom windows that would facilitate carrying the energy from the Earth to the bed pad. However, in half of the set-ups, he inserted a spacer to block the conduction of energy. This would allow a comparison of two groups – those actually grounded, that is, receiving the Earth’s energy, and those who were “sham grounded.” The participants in the experiment did not know whether they were actually being grounded or not.


The original findings in five critical areas of health sparked research which continues to this day. As of 2018, some two dozen studies have been conducted. We continue to learn how grounding has the potential to affect, and significantly so, a wide range of modern ailments.

Time to Fall Asleep:

Grounded – IMPROVED (23) 85%
Grounded – No Change (4) 15%
Not Grounded – IMPROVED (3) 13%
Not Grounded – No Change (20) 87%

Quality of Sleep:

Grounded – IMPROVED (25) 93%
Grounded – No Change (2) 7%
Not Grounded – IMPROVED (3) 13%
Not Grounded – No Change (20) 87%

Wake Feeling Rested:

Grounded – IMPROVED (27) 100%
Grounded – No Change (0) 0%
Not Grounded – IMPROVED (3) 13%
Not Grounded – No Change (20) 87%

Muscle Stiffness and Pain:

Grounded – IMPROVED (22) 82%
Grounded – No Change (5) 18%
Not Grounded – IMPROVED (0) 0%
Not Grounded – No Change (23) 100%

Chronic Back and/or Joint Pain:

Grounded – IMPROVED (20) 74%
Grounded – No Change (7) 26%
Not Grounded – IMPROVED (0) 0%
Not Grounded – No Change (23) 100%
*Reports not received from three Grounded participants.
**Reports not received from seven Ungrounded participants.

Not being a scientist, Mr. Ober published his experiment in ESD, an online journal that specializes in news and technical papers related to the subject of electrostatics.


Earthing Research in Poland

Karol Sokal

Pawel Sokal

After the publication in English of the Earthing book in 2010, we were pleased to learn about the work of two Polish doctors who conducted a series of experiments and studies to determine how the Earth’s natural electric charge influences the regulation of human physiological processes.  The two are Karol Sokal, a cardiologist in private practice, and his neurosurgeon son Pawel, a staff physician at a military clinic. Their research, has been published in a variety of medical journals.

The Polish doctors have concluded that grounding not only influences human physiological processes but further suggest it may actually be a “primary factor regulating endocrine and nervous systems.”