• “Earthing has dramatically changed my life for better.  I am electro-sensitive and earthing has been the single most helpful remedy I’ve tried (and, believe me, I’ve tried a lot of things).  It has greatly improved my tolerance level of EMFs, given me better quality sleep, heals any pains, minor complaints quicker, and makes me feel calmer, more alert and more energetic.  It is definitely not imagination or ‘all in the mind.’  It’s rather ‘all in the earth.’”

• From a 60-year-old Canadian man: “As a person who has lived with the symptoms of electrical sensitivity and also chronic pain and stiffness, I can’t believe what earthing has done for me. It has changed my quality of life, my symptoms from exposure to wireless technologies have been reduced significantly….and I have no more pain and stiffness in my body!

“I have returned to skiing again for the first time in years.  I feel wonderful and having arthritis in my lower back, I can say that I feel as if it is gone as it doesn’t bother me at all.

“Earthing has also scaled back my electrical sensitivity to wireless radiation. It’s been three years now.  I am able to travel, such as driving the hour into Toronto and then back to Waterloo without experiencing headaches and joint pain. I can be away from home with no ill effects whereas before it was impossible in this EMF-filled world.  I earth every day and sleep earthed every night and I feel great.”

• “I have been experiencing extreme hypersensitivity to electricity myself and was made aware of this product by my naturopath. I purchased the grounding mat for my computer and I must say it has been helping tremendously.”