End of Life

  • From: Kathy Sears, May 2022:  My 97 year old mom went in the hospital on 4/7/2022. She was diagnosed with a kidney infection and declining kidney function. I brought in an earthing mat to put under her feet. After the first week I added an Earthing pillowcase. She recovered from the kidney infection. She had stomach pains so they inserted a gastric nasal tube to decompress her stomach. After two weeks in the hospital she had swallowing issues and didn’t want to eat. She then went to Skilled Nursing and was in bed under hospice care for a month. She drank about 4-8 oz of thickened water a day and maybe 2oz. of applesauce or oatmeal, and nothing else. She slept on the earthing pillowcase for 24 hours a day for almost 6 weeks. She had no pain and was not on any medication. She transitioned peacefully without pain on May 23. She transitioned peacefully with no pain. She was smiling and squeezing my hand the previous night.

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