Foot Injury and Pain

● From: Kami, Atlanta Georgia.

Greetings. Almost 6 years ago, I had a foot injury that caused swelling and discomfort in the big toe of my left foot. I knew NOTHING about earthing. Oct. 23, 2020, I already had plans to spent 4 days in Destin Florida. I walked the sands, absorbed the waters and took in all its wonders… immediately felt “something leave my body. Today, Nov. 9, 2020, I watched “EARTHING the movie” and I have become more familiar with the term Earthing, and now understand better what happened. It was
indescribable relaxation and I now have full movement of my toe without discomfort. I plan to increase, explore and incorporate additional grounding practices in my daily routines. Kind regards, Kami

● “I am 69 years old and have not been able to go without shoes for years because of tenderness and pain on the bottom of my feet. After I started Earthing every day, I was surprised to be able to walk barefoot free from pain, both inside of my home and outside.”

● “I believe I have had significant benefit from sleeping grounded. I had lots of ‘pins and needles’ and numbness through my hands, arms, legs, feet and spreading through my body – which is disappearing. Also I had 2 Morton’s Neuromas in my feet (that I had taken cortisone for) and now they have almost disappeared. I believe it’s the sheet that’s doing the magic. Morton’s Neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue between the third and fourth toes, and it’s quite painful.”

● “I have suffered from Achilles tendonitis in my right foot for many months and was starting to get it in my left foot. The pain when I got out of bed was excruciating, a 9 on a pain level of 1-10. After 4 weeks of grounding (with a half-sheet and mat) the pain level is about 4-5 now and the pain in my left foot has gone. My husband suffers from pain in his shoulders, hips, and back which we believe is osteoarthritis. The shoulder and hip pain is mostly gone and the back pain has reduced by 30%.”

● From a menopausal mother: “I sleep so well that people come in and out of the room and I don’t wake up. And I’m a mom conditioned to wake at the slightest noise. Earthing has helped my aches and pains factor. My feet hurt from the pressure of walking on them and a couple of days of sleeping Earthing I was pain free. I was also in that time of life when I was feeling stiff when I got up in the mornings and I no longer experience that. It could be coincidence but I realize that I have had no menopausal symptoms at all since sleeping grounded. I used to have occasional hot flashes and I used to also before menopause be cold all the time and I am experiencing none of that. In fact, no symptoms at all. ”

● From Lorraine Lopez, 47, Lancaster CA, who wrote us in January 2020 with the following report:  “I’m a busy mother of five, with five pets as well.  I have all the Earthing products, including bands, patches, and the bed mat.

“I first started Earthing in mid-September by going barefoot outside on the grass during the week and on weekends at the beach while we stayed on our boat. In December, I started sleeping grounded.

“I had a great deal of pain from two ingrown toenails and could only wear flip flops since the slightest touch would make me yell. Since Earthing, the pain is completely gone.”

● “I dropped a knife on top of my foot. It bled a little, swelled, turned red and swollen. I put patch over it and slept. Next day completely well.”

● From Faye Petherick, May 2022: “Living in Canada, it’s only been the past couple of days that it’s been warm enough that I was tempted to sit outside and ground myself, barefoot in the grass. I did this yesterday for about 1.5 hrs, and again today for about 1 hr… I may get out there and add another hour today. I’m pleasantly surprised how quickly I feel less stiffness in my feet & ankles through barefoot outside grounding – I could feel the stiffness decreasing after 1/2 hr and was able to then fairly comfortably flex my foot and ankles and do the series of foot exercises that typically require me to ‘work through the pain’ with little discomfort at all. It’s about 2 hours since today’s barefoot session and I’m happy to report I’m still experiencing significant pain relief in my feet and ankles. I did sleep on my grounding sheet last night and sat with feet on my grounding pad this am for a couple of hrs. (these 2 things have become habit with me). I judge today to be my best experience to date with getting longer lasting pain relief. 🙂 Edited at 5:53pm…. went out to bare foot ground for another hour after I made my original post. Feet and ankles still going pretty good.”

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