Glaucoma: My Experience Getting Rid of It.

Experienced and written by: William David Martínez, Chimayo New Mexico

My chronicle eliminating Glaucoma.1

2014 – Diagnosed by my HMO’s ophthalmologist with Open Angle Glaucoma.2

2015 – Changed health insurance and had to change ophthalmologist doctor.  The HMO doctor referred me to another cohort ophthalmologist.

2016 – I was having difficulty driving in the dark.

2016 – 2020 By the end of 2016, I was out of work, and tried to find work close to home, whereby my commute would be short.  Could not find a job nearby.

2020 – My wife retired and so we decided that I stop looking for work and retired early.

2021 – Two separate optometrist, could not give to me an eye prescription that allowed me to see well.  By this time, we were back with the same HMO, as had first diagnosed my eye with Glaucoma.  I fought with the ophthalmologist.  My claim was that I had Cataracts, with Astigmatism/high Myopia.

2022 – I had my Cataract surgery but developed sever double vision/diplopia.  I consulted with four (4) separate, two of which were “Out of Network” ophthalmologist; none of whom could offer a solution for my “double vision.”  One doctor did tell me that I had ganglion loss, and Retinal nerve fiber layer damage (RNFL).

My HMO ophthalmologist, the cataract surgeon, after the surgery, told me that I could not see well because of my Glaucoma.  I told him that I knew the symptoms for Glaucoma and I did not have those symptoms.

        My wife then searched the internet and she found “The Earthing Movie,” and found “Energy Science” video, speaking of the grounding cable.3   I made a grounding cable at home (see attached pictures) and my wife and I grounded our bodies overnight. We also purchased the Clint Ober sleeping pad.4   We both felt relief from our body pains.

        Dr. Oschman had mentioned to place the grounding patch where it hurts.  While my eyes were not hurting, I did feel some stress.  I decided to place my grounding copper coins over my eyes/eyelids.  At first, I did so in small time intervals.  I did feel some relief from the stress my eyes were in.  I then decided to ground overnight.  The next day, I had to peal my grounding copper coin/patches off my eyelid, some fluid5 flowed from my eyes, and my eyes were blurry.  By the end of the day, my eyesight was back.  My double vision was gone.  I still could not see very well, but I felt that was because I needed glasses.

        After the grounding of my eyes, I could see streaks of poor vision/gray streaks, and I could see that I had a round gray spot in the center of my eye.  My right eye is the eye with the Glaucoma.  Being that I got slightly clearer acuity, I decided to ground for a second night.  On the second day, I got the same effect/results, yet less fluid, and still had to peal the patches off of my eyes.

        On the third night/day after grounding; I had far less fluid and did not have to peal the patches off of my eyelids.  My acuity was getting better.  Then I felt that I needed to continuously ground non-stop6 for a longer time.  I set a goal of four (4) days.  I decided to ground only my right eye.  On the first night, my patch, while I slept, moved on me.  On the next day I made my copper coin grounding patch into a curve, so that I would get more surface contact with my eyelids.

        I grounded non-stop for three (3) days.  I would have grounded longer, but I had an optometrist appointment in two (2) days.  I wanted for my eyes not to be blurry.  At the end of the third day, I did not get quit the results I was expecting.  I got the inspiration, to ground the Lacrimal Caruncle area, because the streaks were on that side of my eye.  So, I made a copper coin patch into a U shape, in order to have more surface area contact, at the Lacrimal Canal, Sack, Duct area.

        I then grounded both the Lacrimal Caruncle area and my eyeball (on the right eye only) with the curved patch.  I did not have much time, so I grounded that afternoon, four (4) to six (6) hours.  Another key factor (I believe it is an important factor), I grounded the inside of my right nostril.7   This made me sneeze a lot, and I got 10 Kleenex sheets of mucous out of my nose.  I strongly believe that t­­­­he grounding of my nostril opened up pours between my eyes and nose, that allowed fluid to flow out from my eyes.8   I believe, based on information we found, that the grounding loosens the “Glaucoma fluid,” which then is able to flow out.

        WOW, my gray streaks were practically gone, and my center gray circle is now smaller. 

The next morning, I had my appointment with the optometrist.  During the eye exam, the optometrist was amazed on how my acuity had improved9 and my eye pressure is at 10 (mm Hg) units.

        During the three (3) days of grounding, my curved patch scratched a tiny “blackhead” I had on the upper eyelid, and because I slept with my grounding patch, it squeezed my lower eyelid against my eye socket opening, and it got bruised.

        I now have recovered from my cut and bruise and have been trying to buy some copper sheets to make a better eye patch.  One that will touch the Lacrimal Caruncle area and my eyeball at the same time.

        I should be getting the “right thickness” copper sheets tomorrow.  I will then ground some more, in an effort to completely get rid of my Glaucoma.  I feel that I will need to periodically ground my eyes, to keep them free from Glaucoma.10   I am also hoping to revive my ganglion cells.11   

        Today (4/28/22) I got my eyeglasses from the optical shop and something went wrong, I could not see well with my new glasses. Even though my acuity was measured at 20/40 by the optometrist, the prescription given to me did not help me see any better.  I now have another appointment with the optometrist.12

        My search for a solution to better my acuity, is not a “controlled clinical study.”  I tried all possible solutions together.  Hence, one could question what is the main factor?  I believe that the grounding, using the large copper tape13, is the major solution.

        It turns out that there is a “2-inch copper tape” in the market.  This tape is thin, strong and conducts a charge on both sided.  The tape is able to form to the contours/shape of my eyeball and Lacrimal Caruncle area.  I proceeded to make a large patch that covered my entire eye.  My concern was that I make as much surface contact as possible.  Keeping contact with the Lacrimal Caruncle area with the patch was a bit difficult.  I was holding the copper patch up to my eye with medical band-aid tape.  I did not realize, at the time, but I applied too much pressure onto my eyeball. 

        Hours into the grounding I started to feel some discomfort.  This should have been my clue that my patch was too tight.  I continued grounding for thirty-two (32) hours.  I would have “grounded my eye” for a longer time, but a thunderstorm was upon me.  My grounding cable does not have any lightening protection/surge.

        When I took the large copper patch off, I felt pain on my eyeball.  I saw that my eye had secreted more of the fluid I had gotten during the initial grounding.  The patch application caused pain on my eye and my eye’s blood vessels were irritated/redeye.  I realized that I should not have applied the patch so tight.14   The patch should have had some air circulation and for the fluid to flow out, yet making contact with my eyelids.  I applied non-preservative eye drops on my eye, which then, it seemed, cause a gel film to form on my eye.  I felt I was back at square one, my entire eye was covered with a film.

        One positive effect from grounding my entire eye15, was that grounding caused the various eye muscles, especially the Lateral Rectus muscle to relax/loosen up, which I could now easily move my eyeball more to the left, toward my nose.  Before I had to apply slightly more force to move my eye.  By having my eyeball relaxed, it voluntarily moves to a position whereby my acuity is improved.16

        Initially I thought that I should allow my eye’s blood vessels to recover.  At the same time, I was so anxious to find out whether I could remove the gel film.  I tried rinsing my eye, but that did not remove the gel film.  My eye also had some blurriness.  I did not know if that was caused by my eye being patched up, or if I had some Glaucoma fluid that needed to be removed.

        I thought, if grounding helps the blood cell to separate and increases blood flow, then applying the grounding to my redeye would not harm my eye.  I decided to ground my eye immediately, to see what would happen.  I grounded for about six (6) hours.  This time, I held the patch with my fingers to regulate the pressure on my eye.  I would alternate my hands when the one holding the patch would get tired.  After that session of grounding, I saw that the gel film was gone, and now I only had blurry vision or more glaucoma fluid to remove.17

        I did not wait for my vision to return to normal.  I continued grounding my eye.  On this session, I modified the method to hold my patch up on my eye.18   And I planned for about thirty-eight (38) hours non-stop grounding.  I ended up pulling off my grounding patch early, because a thunderstorm was to pass over during the night.

        Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, the gray spot at the center of my eye was gone.  My peripheral vision was clearer, except for the upper left side of my eye.  I modified my grounding cable for a full eye patch on my left eye, and the copper coin patch on the upper left of my right eye.  I planned for yet another session of non-stop grounding.

        After grounding my left eye with the larger full eye patch and partially grounding the right eye overnight; my right eye did not get the grounding I was hoping for and the left eye did not react to any further grounding.  I decided to focus on my right eye.  My right eye needed more grounding.  I could still see slight cloudiness on my upper left of my right eye.

        I continued to ground my eye with the large grounding patch.  My plan was to apply the patch overnight.  Four (4) hours into the grounding session I started to have some discomfort on my right eye.  It could not have been caused by my patch being applied too tight.  I then realized the fluid secreted was making a connection/contact between the copper grounding patch and my eye.  That contact was causing my pain on my eye; as if there was a charge applied to my eye, as if my eye was being pulled outward.  I decided to remove the patch.  I would not have another night of discomfort.  After my pain was gone; my acuity was better, even more, I could see less cloudiness.19

        I decided to try another night of grounding my eye.  Today (5/11/22), I did not see or have felt any change to my eye condition.  I do not know whether it will take an increased time period of grounding, or if that is as good as my eye will get.  Maybe grounding my eye periodically will be a practice to keep my eye in its best condition.

        It is amazing how the inspiration toward a solution comes to me after trying everything else!  I got the grayness at the upper left of my right eye to be less by grounding behind my eyeball.  While I could not get behind my eye; I had to rotate my eye to the right, allowing me to place the curved copper grounding coin deep between my eyeball and my nose bridge.20  Voila!, I got more fluid to flow and I could see the grayness scatter.  More grounding is needed!

        Over the weekend, I grounded on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon and night, surviving on non-stop U2 video watching on youtube.  On Sunday night, ending my grounding; my vision was nice, clear, bright, and my eye felt very comfortable.  There did remain a tiny amount of gray at the top of my eye.  I decided to ground “half of my eye,” using a smaller patch overnight.

        Oh Sh*^*%t!, the next morning, I had a thin, slight film throughout my eye.  What shall I do?  I rinsed my eye, but the film was still there.  I might ground some more, but I could not sit down to do so.  On top of doing “kitchen clean up,” every Monday my chore is also to vacuum our entire house.  I don’t cook or do laundry.  I do “window washing!”  Good thing we live in our “casita.”  All day long, I had the film on my eye.

        That night, all I could think of doing was to ground yet again.  This night was “do or die.”  The entire grounding concept could go down the drain.  No one believes that grounding is removing my Glaucoma.  The ophthalmologists I have contacted, do not call back.  I sent this living file to “Bono, U2,” let’s see if they call!  I found out that Bono has Glaucoma like me.

        I’m so happy, Tuesday morning and my film is GONE!  There is a tiny bit at the top, but it is very little.  I am not going to touch my eyes.  I have an optometrist appointment come Thursday.  I want for my eyes to be their best, for an accurate eye prescription. At this time, I experienced a strange intense itch on my right eye.  I gently massaged my eye, yet I did not want to mess up my eye’s current wellness.21

        My optometrist exam was a complete failure.  The ophthalmologist used their newest automated eye exam equipment.  This equipment only allowed me to see via a tunnel.  With the older eye exam equipment, I could shift my eye to see the letters.  Consequently, my vision came out to be 20/50.  I need 20/40 at least!

        Much to my surprise, I got notice that I had been granted an “Out of Network” ophthalmologist consultation.  Great, I now had a month to continue grounding the inner sides of my eye, and more time to get all of my glaucoma off my eye.  It took ten (10) days for me to develop a method to ground the inner side of my eyes, when I slept.22

        There are fifteen days (15) before my appointment; I got to show the doctor that I have eliminated my glaucoma.  I am close to that goal, but I still have some cloudiness.  Today I got that strange intense itch on my eye again.  This time I used my copper coin and fingers to gently massage my eye.  This time I massaged for about three (3) hours.  Then I had to stop.  My wife and I were to go grocery shopping the next day, and I had to get some sleep.

        On the next day; I felt that I could make that itch come back, but I was not able to make my eye itch.  When I got the itch, it felt as if I had tiny crystals or sand in my eye.  It felt as if the crystals were being broken up by my “grounding massaging.”  On this day I gently massaged my eye but could not get that crystal feeling in my eye, again.  I now can see less cloudiness, yet my right eye has some slight gray stuff, right in the center of my pupil.  It seems that my vision gets worse when I look at any bright light.

        I realized that the itching, along with the grounding, was serving the purpose of breaking up my hard Glaucoma deposits.  And that the massaging was needed to move the deposit off my eyeball.   I started to gain back the itching sensation.  Now I only had three (3) days to allow my eye some rest, before my ophthalmologist appointment.

        What curse has come upon me, what disgust.  My life is in agony. Yesterday I had my appointment with the “Out of Network” ophthalmologist, and the results were not any better than before.  I am told that I will not be able to see much better than 20/50.  I need 20/40!  20/40 at least to be able to drive.  I do not understand why the doctors can’t give to me binoculars in order to see.  The doctor says that my optic nerves are damaged.23   And that I have Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO)/secondary cataract, caused by scaring from the cataract surgery.24   This might be removed with laser (YAG), but there is a risk, and I might not see any better.   I will continue grounding for the rest of my life.

          After my latest ophthalmologist appointment. I continued to ground my eye.  This time, I could not ground my eye for very long; my eye would start feeling as if it was burning.  Is it that I still have residue from the eye drops I got during my last appointment with the “Out of Network” ophthalmologist?  Weeks before my appointment; I had share with the ophthalmologist my progress of eliminating my Glaucoma by grounding.  In fact, I shared with them the latest writing of this file.  Could it be that they conjured up an eye drop that would make the eye worse by grounding?   I rely on the doctors, because I have to.  Their mantra is; “Do no harm.” They are to heal people, not cause harm.

          After some confusion; I now have another ophthalmologist appointment for the YAG surgery, scheduled for September 1st, 2022.  I do not know whether to continue to ground my eye?  I do not know how much of the cloudiness on my eye is caused by PCO or is it more Glaucoma.  While my double vision got to be less; I still see fuzziness with small letters.  I feel as if my eyes are not aligned correctly.  I thought that possibly my Visual Cortex needed grounding, or that grounding might help to align my vision in my brain.

          I am now focused on grounding my skull, especially the back of my brain, where the Visual Cortex is at.25   Of all the various forms of grounding tools I have made; making a grounding skull cap was the hardest and more costly.  Now I will ground my eyes and brain overnight.  I have sixty-two (62) days before my YAG surgery, time to improve my Anisometropia.26   Tomorrow (6/30/22), I have a visit with the optometrist to check the degree or misalignment I might have.  I’ll ask whether glasses will be able to correct my Anisometropia.

          Returning from the optometrist; I was told that an ophthalmologist could answer my Anisometropia question.  I read on the internet; if my eye diopter difference is within 4D difference, then glasses can correct my eye alignment.  I am at a 0.5D difference.  I’ll find out when I get my glasses.

          Until September 1st, I am in limbo on whether I should ground my eye for glaucoma.  The cloudiness I now have is either Glaucoma or Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO/secondary cataract).  I am quite certain that I have removed all of my Glaucoma.  I have been grounding my eyes and brain; expecting for my vision alignment to get better.  At night, while I sleep, I have my grounding goggles and grounding cap on.27   On the following morning I can feel my eyes being relaxed.  This relaxation seems to cause my acuity to be less fuzzy.  My hope is that continuing to ground both my eyes and my Visual Cortex, I will eventually cause my brain to align my vision.  I also feel that I need to periodically ground my eyes during the evening hours when I feel discomfort.

(To be updated after September 1st, 2022)

In Summary:  I started “earthing” to relieve my hip pain.  After several application of my grounding patch; I realized that applying the patch on the base of my spinal column gave me the best result.  After a couple of weeks my hip pain was completely gone and I felt an increase in my libido.

My diplopia was minimized, my Lacrimal Canal, Sack, Duct on my troubled eye seemed to have been cleaned out.  My Lateral Rectus muscle felt relaxed, allowing me to easily move my eyeball.  My Glaucoma has been removed, if not minimized whereby my acuity is 20/40.  My PCO area has been getting smaller.  I might not need the YAG laser treatment.  My Anisometropia has gotten better.  I will not know how well my eye alignment is until I see the ophthalmologist again.

Side Effects:  My wife tells me; “your skin around your eyes is turning brown.”  I tell her I am brown.  I actually do not have any side effects.  A small scratch or two made by the copper tape.  Grounding my skull; is that I no longer have piloerection, and a cowlick is gone.

Last update (May 14, 2024): I have got rid of my Glaucoma by using both grounding and heat. I made a simple device using two AAA batteries. When I apply it to my eyes it removes the Aqueous Humour fluid and it softens/cooks the remaining very stubborn crusty Aqueous Humour. I would say that it is best to remove the Aqueous Humour fluid using only the grounding tools. When the major amount of Aqueous Humour is removed and the person is left with the stubborn crusty Aqueous Humour and the small amount of fluid then it is the time to use the heating device. The heat created by the batteries is quite a lot. One has to be careful not to burn one’s eyelids.
So I will stop adding to the file.

Notes: Complete set of notes are listed at the Facebook webpage; Glaucoma: My Experience Getting Rid of It

  1. I take no responsibility or liability for any grounding action that anyone may take upon reading my story/experience.  They should work with their ophthalmologist during grounding.  A Glaucoma solution seeker must learn how to build a safe grounding cable when using an AC electrical outlet.  The homemade cable needs to be ground tested before applying the grounding patch.
  2. I was told that there was no cure for Glaucoma.  All the ophthalmologist could do was to monitor it monthly to try to slow its progress.  I stopped applying thier prescribed “eye drops.”  The eye’s drainage system blocks, then causes pressure to build between the iris and the sclera.
  3. Energy Science; 
  4. The grounding products have a 100K ohms resister embedded in the cables.  The resister slows the flow of electron charge.  Their patches are not made for direct eye/eyelid patching.  A homemade cable does not have any resistance to the flow of electrons.  Earth is at a zero-charge potential.
  5. The “fluid” type, chemical makeup is unknown.  I am calling it “Glaucoma fluid.”  The fluid residue had to be wiped off the patch.  From my eyelid, I wiped off the semi-sticky flued, and I got these tiny white particles.  Those particles were glued to my lower eyelid.  I could not identify what they were.  Dropping Gluten foods helped me eliminate eye cloudiness as well.
  6.  Non-stop – is not removing the grounding patch and being connected as much as possible during the set time interval.  The time interval might be dependent on the amount of time having had Glaucoma.  I was diagnosed in 2014.
  7. I probed my nostril without grounding and I did not feel the sensation that I do feel with the grounding nostril probe, see picture, the probe is an inch pr two (2) inch long, burr free, copper tube with a round-tip.  Now I ground my nostril every morning to clear my overnight mucous.  I believe that nostril grounding could alleviate allergies from pollen, and open my nostril when the barometric pressure is close to 30 (inHg).
  8.  Actually, I believe it is “Quantum Tunneling” that happens.  But I do not have proof of this! 
  9.  My wife and I are also doing Syntonic Color Therapy using Dr. Jacob Lieberman’s lens system.  I focus on Red and Green.  The effect is subtle, yet helpful.
  10.  Based on a youtube video about Ganglion, I also do, what I call “Dark Therapy.”  This is where I put on a sleeping mask, and stare at the darkness with my eyes open.  I do “Dark Therapy” while my wife and I meditate every morning, for 20 minutes.  At night time we meditate, but I do not do Dark Therapy.  Meditating with my eyes opened, I found helps me focus on healing my eyes.  After month’s of doing Dark Therapy, I find that, now I can keep my eyes open for20+ minutes.  Before, my eyes would involuntarily close on me, and would have to open my eyes again, and again.
  11.  Anatomy Vision (Part 1) Photoreceptors, bipolar cells and Ganglion cells:
  12. As of 4/14/22,I have not seen my HMO ophthalmologist after my grounding.  I do not believe any ophthalmologist will believe what I tell them about my eye grounding.  I have not told my HMO’s ophthalmologist about my grounding practices.
  13. ANGKEEL Copper Foil Tape 2 Inch x 50 Feet Double Conductive Metal Ducts Adhesive Tape.  Aluminum foil could be used, yet copper conduct electrons much better.
  14. A proper apparatus is needed to hold the patch in place and to regulate the amount of pressure applied to the eyeball.
  15., “The Earthing Movie” at and Dr. James L. Oschman;
  16. I believe that grounding my eyeball could remove the cloudiness from the IOL after Cataract surgery.  I also felt the top of my skull being tender.  As a child I banged that part of my skull during a fall.  I believe the grounding is affecting my brain.  Maybe it can relieve me of my tinnitus.
  17. My redeye cleared up within a day.  A Gluten free diet is also healthy for the eyes.
  18. I changed the grounding wire to a higher gauge.  A thinner wire would not be pulled down by gravity, and I was able to hang the wire over my ear.
  19. When the glaucoma fluid came out, my eye felt very comfortable.
  20. Unfortunately, I had to hold the grounding copper coin with my fingers.  When using the copper coin, I needed to have rubber gloves on, in order to have direct grounding with my eye and not my fingers.
  21. I gently massaged my eye, being cautious not to cause damage to the Intraocular Lens in my eye.  I gently massaged as to not damage my pupil and iris.
  22. I tried this and that method.  I made this and that grounding tool.  The best method was to use my fingers to hold the grounding copper coin deep in the inner side of my eye.  Then I made a grounding cup using a 1.25” inch diameter toy hollow plastic golf ball and “Instant Tacky putty.  I cut the golf ball to fit my eyeball, reaching into the inner side.  The putty was used inside the cup, and used as patch material to keep the grounding cup tight to my eyelid.  The other tool I made, was using a pair of tanning goggles.  After stuffing the goggles with the proper amount of putty, I wrapped the goggles with the copper tape.  The goggles are best to avoid the difficulty of using medical tape as patching material.  The only shortfall is that the goggles do not reach as far into the inner side of my eye.  In the evenings I ground my inner side of my eye using the other tools I made, then during my sleeping hours, I used the googles.
  23. It is interesting; during my appointment I was given some eye drops for the exam/diagnosis.  One or both types of drops gave me a reddish vision.  The day after the exam; I do not seem to have the Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO) gray spot I had before the exam.
  24. YAG – Yttrium Aluminum Garnet is laser surgery to remove secondary cataract.
  25. Eye and brain diagrams shown below (The wonders of the human body).
  26. Anisometropia is another way of describing an imbalance between the two eyes. This can sometimes happen following surgery; as the brain tries to adjust to the changes in the vision. Cataract surgery involves replacing the natural lens of the eye with an artificial one.
  27. As of 7/13/2022; I have not felt significant change to my Anisometropia.  I have felt my eyes being relaxed, which in turn improves my acuity for a short period, but then my eyes get tired and my fuzzy vision returns.  One surprised benefit upon grounding my skull is that; my hair is manageable now.  Many years ago, I got a cut on my skull.  I did not attend to it, so my hair on the area of the cut started to grow straight out, and I also had some cowlicks.  With the grounding; my hair is now growing properly.  When I use the grounding cap, I wet my hair and comb my hair down.
  28. The “9 concave eye piece and water cup grounding file explains this tool.  Long before being diagnosed with Glaucoma; a couple of optometrist had pointed out that my optic nerve on my right eye was twisted.  Could it be that the diredt grounding of my eye caused my optic nerve to straighten out?
  29. The “crusty stuff” I believe is Acqueous Humour from past years, that has harden in my eye.
  30. The water grounding tool is easier on the eye, but the end result is that the cloudy stuff is spread wider within my eye.
  31. Finger half-moon grounding tool.
  32. The Grounding Spoon is shown in the “6a Grounding Baby Spoon” tool description file.
  33. It is my conjecture that the Aqueous Humour is secreted by a headwound, a blow/hit on the right side of my skull, many years ago.  I use my Skull Grounding Cap, in an effort to advance the healing of that wound.  When I use the skull grounding cap, my wound begins to itch and it gets tender.

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