Grounding and Awareness of Groundedness

Now and then, feedback from the growing global Earthing community includes some thoughtful comments regarding an increased inner state of groundedness. In this brief report, we would like to share a few of these comments with you, along with a personal note at the end from Clint Ober.

● Cat Saunders, Ph.D., author of Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook: A Compassionate Guide for Being Human

“Connecting with Mother Earth through grounding allows me to experience the planet’s massive support in a literal, physical way. This is much different from ‘keeping my energy grounded’ the way I’ve been taught by healers and body workers. That’s important as well, but it’s like the difference between thinking about water and actually having a drink.

“Earthing is like mainlining an ocean of pure, unadulterated energy. Plugging into the endlessly sustainable ‘power plant’ called Earth has not only improved my physical health, it has also improved my psychological functioning and deepened my spiritual sense that ‘all is well’ no matter what’s happening in my world or in the world at large.

“Being physically sustained by Mother Earth has also given me a sweeter and safer experience of ‘mothering’ than I’ve ever known. Although many people have positive connotations of the word ‘mother,’ I can’t say the same has been true for me. Now that I’m experiencing constant support from the electrical field of Mother Earth, the word ‘mother’ no longer strikes a note of fear in my heart. Somehow, grounding did what many years of therapy couldn’t do by putting those old ‘mother’ fears to rest at last.

“At home, I sleep grounded and I wear Earthing bands on my feet during the day. I use an Earthing mat under my feet at the computer, and I keep an extra set of Earthing bands in my office for counseling clients, so we can both be grounded when we work together. For me, Earthing bands are like umbilical cords to connect with the Great Mother that sustains us all. What could be better than that?”

● Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits, Los Angeles

“After several months of Earthing, I feel a greater sense of well-being and of inner tangles less tangled. I settle in and rest more deeply. I am simultaneously experiencing a greater feeling of connectedness to the Earth and to community, and, as a result, a greater ability to share.”

● From a woman in Lake City, Minnesota:

“After grounding for several years, including a grounding sheet at night, what I continue to notice is my deep sense of well-being. I think this is the by-product of the sum of the many benefits my body and mind experience from grounding. Coupled with my spirituality, I live a joy-filled life!”

● Gerard Bechard, cranio-sacral therapist, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

“I feel more ‘grounded.’ I am more on task and focused with an incredible sense of wellness. I have more of a detached look on others and situations and still maintain a high level of compassion. I have to say that in over 40 years of experimenting and practicing numerous spiritual and alternative health techniques along with energy work that I have never felt so complete and peaceful. My core feeling is that everything is and will continue to be alright with myself, others, and the world. I’m still blown away that this is from being Earthed but in observing my disconnection with the ground that has occurred for most of my life, it all makes simple sense.”

● Alexander Bear, personal trainer, Ft. Lauderdale

“One day in the summer of 2014 I stepped into the ocean for a swim. I went into the water feeling a little unbalanced, with back pain and racing thoughts. I floated for some time, swam, and allowed the water to caress me. When I got out, a half-hour or 40 minutes later, I was free of the pain and the racing thoughts I had entered with. I felt balanced and peaceful.

“Although it is not scientifically proven, I believe that the ocean has the ability to balance the physical, energetic, and mental levels of the body within a very short period of time. Ever since that day – a month ago − I’ve returned to the ocean and every day the ocean has helped balance my entire being.

“What medicine! It’s Mother Earth medicine!”

● Rhonda Whittaker, massage therapist, Fairfield, Iowa

“I sleep on the bed pad. Simply laying down on it brings great relief. I love how it feels cool with a tingling energy. It is not just a pad. There is ‘something’ moving thru it when my body touches it. I have noticed something else after sleeping on the pad all night: I wake up before dawn, then go back to sleep, and have dreams in Technicolor. This happens often. I have been flooded by amazing dream awareness and thoughts. So, today, I stopped laying on the pad when I awoke before dawn, just to see if there was a difference. I felt calmer with less thought activity, and dozed with no dreams. I suspect that the intense dreaming may be caused by the energy of the Earth waking up at dawn. I believe that the Earth is alive with energy, and the Earthing ground picks up on this. There is a growing liveliness that happens when the sunshine is coming closer to generating electromagnetic currents with the part of the Earth where my ground connects. Because my sleeping body is in the loop and tapping into this amazing current of activity, I am having more happen in my background field of energy, too. The Earthing pad has given me an easy way to heal and balance my electromagnetic field. I feel it brings equilibrium after the day’s activities, soothing my physiology, my mind, my emotions, …and ‘naturally’ puts me into a more spiritual way of being. This is such a humble, but great product that unites us with Heaven and Earth energy for a healthy life!”

● Gerard Murphy, writer, Abingdon, VA

“For me, Earthing has become a spiritual practice. Whether on the beach, on the hills around my home (vigilant for goose and deer poop), or any time there’s a good spill from the heavens, on the wet cement outside—to walk barefoot on the Earth’s surface is calming, centering, and conducive to gentle (humble) communion with the earth that has birthed our—and all—species. I feel and sense an energy that stills my chattering mind and allows a numinous presence to enter deeply—and reassure me that ‘All is Well.’”

● Clint Ober, who has grounded thousands of people for almost 20 years

“I grew up in a farming and ranching environment. Surrounded by Earth. I was exposed a good deal to the Native American culture around us, in which everything is connected to Nature, to the planet, and the universe.

“Many people become more sensitive and aware of their being after spending some time sleeping grounded. I believe that part of this inner development comes from reducing environmental noise on the body. It’s kind of like being in the woods and hearing the birds sing. Birds are everywhere. They carry on in all environments, but the noise of the city drowns them out. Furthermore, when you are connected with the Earth you are electrically connected with all animals and plants that live on the Earth with you.

“I strongly believe there is more to Earthing than reducing inflammation and improving sleep. There is perhaps a parallel conscious intimacy that grows with Nature and the living planet.”

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