Hair Growing Back

  • Jean Le Tual, Québec, Canada. I verified Dr. Sinatra’s blood test described in the book “Earthing”. I have access to a Dark Field microscope. In 40 minutes my blood was corrected, after 3 months of sleeping grounded my hairs are growing back!! I sleep better. I am a retired physicist and I want to verify the time duration of the effect on red blood cells if not full time grounded. I took a subject with agglomerated red blood cells and ground the subject for 40 minutes and verified the blood correction.
  • Josee Veenstra, Ontario, Canada. I’m a 40-year-old woman who started grounding outdoors this early Spring on a regular basis. Not too long after, I noticed new hair growth on my scalp. Fast-forward to today (now in late Fall) my new hair growth are about 5 inches long. The only changes I’ve done this year in my lifestyle are grounding and wearing an EMF protective crystal. Other than that, everything else is exactly the same (lifestyle, diet, and exercise wise).

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