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Our mission at The Earthing Institute is to disseminate this vital knowledge to as many people as we can throughout the world. We also want to further research regarding the health benefits of earthing, and to have our website serve as a repository of all information related to earthing.
We envision the day when every human being (and pet) on this planet will be earthed throughout their daily life. When that day comes, it will be common knowledge that earthing is as important for health as good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and a positive mental attitude.

We realize that this is a big goal and that it will take resources and time to get there. That is why your donation is so essential.

Our Goal is to raise $10,000.

Your donation will help us first revamp our website, then offer a certification course. Those of you who take that course will know the answers to all the basic questions about earthing and you will receive a certificate of completion from The Earthing Institute. There will also be a more advanced course for those interested in deepening their knowledge about earthing to help us spread information and education on earthing and grounding.

5.9 Million +

Views of our documentary, The Earthing Movie


Publications, many in peer-reviewed scientific journals


Languages our book, Earthing, has been translated in


Years of research in grounding

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In order to recognize your contribution, you will receive the following benefits depending on your level of contribution. All donors will receive a thank you letter which can also be used as proof of donation for tax purposes. Select a donation level below or donate any amount of your choosing here:

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Because the Earthing Institute is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States code, your donations are tax deductible in the US (please check with your tax advisor if you are outside the US). All donations are very much appreciated.