Clinton Ober, Co-author, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

Clint-OberOver the years I have been asked many times about which Earthing sleep system is the best. This is because I have continued to refine the systems for ongoing research and to meet the demand of people who want to sleep connected to the Earth.  So there are different versions – variations on a theme.

We have tested many different versions of Earthing sleep systems and confirmed that reduction of inflammation appears to be consistent with all of them.  However, we have observed that the larger the grounding device the more rapid the results and the more that sleep is improved.

As I mentioned in the book, attempting to develop sheets with the best function was very challenging. Some women were concerned about sheet thread count and color, issues that I felt added unnecessary cost and complexity to the simple priority of improving sleep and health. I could understand people wanting to be fashionable and color coordinated and all that, but I have to admit it was a source of frustration for me because my sole objective was to help people feel better. Somewhat out of frustration I decided to develop a white half-sheet that people could place out-of-sight over their regular bottom sheet at the leg/foot end of the bed.  In this way they could at least ground their feet and not be concerned about the color of the sheet showing or about any less-than-luxuriant tactile feel of lower thread counts on their hands. The ground plane of the half-sheet is obviously less than a full sheet but nonetheless effective. It also represents an excellent and more affordable option for most people who want to sleep grounded for the first time. The use of the half-sheet alone consistently produces good results, even for people with significant health issues.

After having grounded thousands of people and observed the results, and speaking from my own personal experience with use of various grounding methods for more than fifteen years, I believe the most effective and practical Earthing product is a bottom fitted sheet. The whole body lies on a ground plane during sleep and it stays well in place throughout the night. This is my preference and what I have primarily used myself for the last six years. When I travel, my first choice is the recovery bag. I like the surrounding ground of the recovery bag when you are inside of it, and not just on top of it. It’s like a sleeping bag, only much lighter. It’s made of cotton.

Most of the people I come in contact with regarding Earthing have very compromised health. If asked which system I recommend, I usually suggest the body bands during the day and a recovery bag or a bottom fitted sheet at night to sleep on. For individuals with sleep issues, I recommend the bottom fitted sheets.

Over the years I have also been asked countless times whether connecting to a ground rod is better than connecting to a ground port of a wall outlet in a home that has been properly grounded. Both methods produce identical results in reduction of inflammation. Many people have reported better sleep with use of a ground rod, but this is difficult to quantify in any way as sleep is so very subjective. Personally I use a ground rod for my bed and an electrical ground outlet for floor mats when I am working barefoot at the computer during the day.  If you use a ground rod and live in a dry climate, such as in the Southwest United States, I suggest watering the Earth every week or two around where the ground rod is inserted, or as often as you remember.  Keeping the ground moist enhances conductivity.

In summary:
1)  the bigger the ground plane the better,
2)  direct skin contact with the Earthing device is essential,
3)  any ground is better then no ground – the body always equalizes with the Earth’s direct current (DC) and becomes charged with free electrons which we know reduces inflammation.

In general, I recommend what people can afford and find acceptable aesthetically. All the systems work effectively to put you in contact with the Earth’s natural energy.