Earthing Naturally Soothes Nerves, Reduces Stress

How Earthing soothes

Research and testimonials over the years show that Earthing generates a rapid calming effect within the nervous system.
For anxiety, emotional stress, panic, fear, and/or symptoms of involuntary muscle contractions and spasms, including headaches, and dizziness, Earthing may produce positive changes within 20 to 40 minutes. Read more.

Helps with anxiety, depression

Tracy Latz, M.D., a North Carolina integrative psychiatrist, has found that Earthing benefits patients with stress, anxiety, depression, and a wide variety of emotional, mental, and physical problems. She describes her observations in this article.

Can Earthing help with PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects both men and women after traumatic events including military combat, natural disasters, major accidents, and sexual assaults. Here’s an article exploring the potential of Earthing.

And daily stress encountered by police?

Police officers work in stressful conditions. In these videos, two officers describe how Earthing helped them.


Lowering high blood pressure

Stress is a common cause of elevated blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a common risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Read here how Earthing helped improve blood pressure among participants in a California study as well as other individuals around the world.

Protecting premature infants against stress

A study by intensive care doctors at Penn State University revealed that grounding may boost the resilience of preemies and lower their risk of complications. It’s a finding with significant potential. Here’s the fascinating story

Elevating your mood

Participants grounded for an hour in an Earthing experiment reported significantly improved mood. Individuals who were “sham-grounded” did not experience the same improvement. Read a short description of the study here.

Normalizing stress hormone cortisol

A 2004 study indicated that grounding the human body during sleep reduces night-time levels of cortisol more in alignment with a natural 24-hour circadian rhythm. Changes were most apparent in females. Subjectively, participants reported improved sleep, and less pain and stress. To read the study, click here.

Plays a “primary” fortifying role against stress, say two Polish researchers

Through its broad actions on the bioelectrical environment of the body and electrolyte concentrations, “Earthing regulates correct functioning of the nervous system…and significantly influences the electrical activity of the brain,” they wrote in the journal Medical Hypotheses. The doctors, one a neurosurgeon and the other a cardiologist, suggested that grounding likely plays a primary role enabling the nervous system to better adapt to the demands of the body and the environment.

Measuring the shift from stressed to calm

A 2006 study showed that Earthing generates positive changes in the electrical functioning of the brain and musculature, and on the blood volume pulse. Taken together, these changes reflect reductions in overall stress levels and tensions, and a shift to greater calmness in the nervous system. The details are here.

In a follow-up 2007 article, further measurements showed that Earthing produces a reduction in tension (more relaxation) of the internal organs, normalization in autonomic nervous system functioning, and a reduction in inflammation. Read more.

A Brief Guide to Earthing


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