● From a 70-year-old retired teacher in California: “I am an amateur pianist and 3 years ago purchased a Steinway.  I immediately started playing it about 4 hours a day. The stiffness of the pedals caused me to experience great pain in my right leg.  My chiropractor worked on it off and on.  I could only practice 10 minutes at a time due to the pain.  A bummer for waiting 66 years to get a Steinway!   A year ago I started playing music by Mompou, and the hand positions are horrid.  My right hand also started to hurt and I practiced with bandages etc.  Sometimes I resorted to left hand practice alone.  Suddenly I got the idea to practice barefoot and put an electrode patch on the palm of my right hand.  I also put a grounding band on a large hematoma I got on my right arm from a bad blood draw.  I immediately could put in 3 hours on the piano.  There are a number of world-renowned pianists who have had to turn to conducting and teaching because of pain in their hands.  It would be a service to the world of music if they started grounding themselves.”

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