More Multiple Benefits (2013 Survey)

In 2013 we sent out a message to our email list asking what Earthing has done for you.

The feedback demonstrated the remarkable systemic effects that Earthing has on the physiology. For many people, there were multiple benefits. The feedback included improvement and relief in the following areas (alphabetically):

● Anxiety
● Asthma
● Bell’s palsy
● Blood flow in legs
● Blood sugar stability
● Children’s temperament
● Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms (COPD)
● Clenching teeth (bruxism)
● Electro-sensitivity
● Energy
● Flexibility
● General health
● Hair
● Happiness
● Hay fever
● Jet lag
● Joint stiffness
● Lyme symptoms
● Medication adjustment (for atrial fibrillation, hypothyroid, and high blood pressure)
● Menopausal symptoms
● Migraine
● Mood swings
● Muscle soreness from workouts
● Nocturnal urination (men and women)
● Pain (thumb, wrist, shoulder, elbow, buttocks, hip, thighs, knees, ankles, feet, back, multiple sites, and “aging” aches)
● Premature ventricular contractions (palpitations, skipped heartbeat)
● Recovery from surgery, injury, and wound healing
● Sleep, including insomnia
● Skin (complexion, eczema, psoriasis, dryness)
● Snoring
● Stress
● Tachycardia
● Thyroid function and lowering of thyroid medication dosage
● Weight loss
● Youthfulness

No more pain

“Sitting or walking on moist soil completely relieved chronic, achy pain that I had for several years in my hips, thighs, and buttocks. Before it was about a 5 or 6 (on a scale with 10 being the worst). Now it is a 0 to 1. It cleared up in a matter of days. ”

● Arthritis relief reported by an 81-year-old artist

“I had mild arthritis in three of my finger joints, my left knee, and in my lower back. It is totally gone in my fingers. The swelling I had there is also gone. I still notice mild soreness in my back and knee when I do an activity that strains those areas, but I used to be aware of the lower back ache all the time and the knee ache when I walked, and now I do not have that problem.”

● Multiple and welcome benefits − an Oklahoma mother of four

“Since sleeping grounded and walking barefoot in the house my thumb joint, which I could not bend due to swelling and pain, has decreased both in swelling and level of pain by 70 percent. I can now bend it painlessly, hold a pen and write, open jars and pick up my four-year-old, things that were near impossible before Earthing.

“I can now squat to the floor to play or pick up something and get back up without problems. Before, I used to feel everything creak! I have reached a level of flexibility that yoga never granted me.

“The mood swings I used to have at certain times of the month are gone. I feel better and I am able to tolerate daily stresses better. I have four boys and things are really active around here.

“My sleep improved from the first night and I wake up refreshed and ready to go. I am amazed. I always thought there should be a simple solution. For many years I had a feeling I could not really explain to others, it just felt like electricity was coursing through my nerves, I was always irritable and sensitive to noise. At night my brain had a sensation of unhealthy alertness, as if something was constantly feeding some kind of energy to it that could not escape. Every time I turned, I would wake up and have to sit up. Now I sleep through the night and I don’t know if I even turn anymore. I have stopped clenching my teeth as well. There are many other benefits, like smoother skin, better color in my face, my hair is no longer frizzy and does not fall out anymore. I could go on for a while, but I am sure you know of all these benefits already.”

● From a menopausal mother

“I sleep so well that people come in and out of the room and I don’t wake up. And I’m a mom conditioned to wake at the slightest noise. Earthing has helped my aches and pains factor. My feet hurt from the pressure of walking on them and a couple of days of sleeping Earthing I was pain free. I was also in that time of life when I was feeling stiff when I got up in the mornings and I no longer experience that. It could be coincidence but I realize that I have had no menopausal symptoms at all since sleeping grounded. I used to have occasional hot flashes and I used to also before menopause be cold all the time and I am experiencing none of that. In fact, no symptoms at all. ”

● Relief from Bell’s Palsy

“I had Bell’s Palsy due to lyme infection and Earthing made a huge contribution to getting my ‘face’ back. It brought down the inflammation. I sleep on an Earthing sheet every night and wake up feeling very good. I’d never be without it…ever.”

● Migraine relief and more energy reported by a Maine homemaker

“I don’t like going a night without my Earthing sheet and feel a deep unexplainable need for it. From the first few nights sleeping grounded I felt more rested and energetic. I do feel more youthful, an effect that has occurred gradually over my 2 1/2 years of grounding.

“I have had migraines infrequently since I was 7 years old (for 44 years). An untreated migraine has a pain scale of 8 (out of 10) for me, lasts a few hours, and I don’t feel well the rest of the day, nor completely well the next. Meds drop the pain to 3, and the headache lasts a few hours, and I still don’t feel too well the next day. Now, when I get the aura that precedes the headache, I wrap myself from head-to-toe in my Earthing half-sheet and nap for an hour. I get no headache pain or a pain scale of 1. Afterwards I feel pretty good, but not perfect (about 90 percent of normal). Then, after a few hours of not being grounded, a headache slowly appears, so I immediately ground for a while to keep it from developing, and it quickly dissipates. After sleeping grounded that night, the next day I feel 100 percent and have none of the “hangover” I experience without treatment or with meds.”

● From an 86-year old insomniac

“I had been suffering a sleeping problem for years. Waking up after fifteen to thirty minutes and being unable to get back to sleep again. I discovered Earthing and have never looked back. Asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, never open my eyes again for several hours, wake up fresh as a daisy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

● Eczema and COPD improved − a woman in the U.K.

“I have been Earthing for more than two years. I started with an Earthing sheet which seemed to help with night sweats but I was far from convinced. Next I tried an Earthing mat which I used in all sorts of ways on computer, resting my feet on whilst watching TV, etc. My arthritic foot improved noticeably; the swelling went down and I thought my knees did not ache so much. I decided to ‘flood’ my body with Earthing processes as my ailments were all inflammation based. My lifelong eczema disappeared leaving just one 2 cm mild patch that only flares up now and again. I came off the steroid creams. I realised that astonishingly I no longer suffer from hay fever. I have more energy and my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease improved so much that I resumed my rambling walks. I am glad that I stuck with it.”

● Improved prostate & Coumadin reduction, an elderly Australian couple reports

“Our benefits have been quite remarkable after a month of Earthing. My wife, Anni, 74, is a stroke victim and has heart failure. She is on warfarin (Coumadin), and after only a couple of days of sleeping on a grounded sheet, she was able to drop her dose of warfarin from 5mg to 2mg, She is also sleeping much better and generally feeling better and less stressful. Myself, 76, suffering from arthritis and benign prostatic hypertrophy, but generally healthy, have had a remarkable improvement in both my arthritis pain level and also my prostate. I can now sleep right through the night, without having to get up for a wee. I feel much more relaxed and not so tired and grumpy during the day.”

● Relief of searing pain inspires musician

Perhaps the most inspiring (musically speaking) response we received was from Hal Weeks, a musician in Colorado, who expressed his Earthing experience this way:

“I’ve been grounded in bed and at home for a month. I’ve had revolutionary changes and all my problems are reversing themselves. 100 percent of the searing pain in my thighs is gone. The stiffness in my hip that I’ve had for 12 years is clearing. My dry skin is clearing up. Emotionally I’m on a more even, happy road.”

Transformed, and in less pain, Mr. Weeks sat down and composed an Earthing version of the traditional hymn, Amazing Grace:

“Amazing Earth, how sweet the ground
“That saved a mess like me.
“I once was sick, but now I’m sound
“It’s simple and it’s Free!”

For some, Earthing didn’t work, or they weren’t grounded long enough

A few disappointed people reported no results. Such situations can be due to a number of issues. Earthing, of course, cannot affect each and every disorder. Here are several articles that can provide guidance:

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