Muscular Dystrophy

  • From Janhavi Patankar, December 2022: “A fantastic recovery for this young 15 year old lad who unfortunately succumbed to an autoimmune disease called Muscular Dystrophy just a couple of years ago. He has been Earthing with the Universal Earthing Mat and the Ground Patches from since June 2022. Not only his appetite, digestion and strength in his legs has increased tremendously but his overall mood, mental well-being and a zest for living life has increased too. The feeling of being depressed and lethargic has simply vanished. Most importantly he is able to sit comfortably without any support. Our Earthing Earthlings are supporting him by supplying the Ground Patches and books to read too as he is unable to go to a regular school. He is an avid reader. Gratitude Clint Ober( the Earthing Products),Preetham Ponnappa ( Dishaaexperientiallearning for the books) and Sushma Sheth ( supply of the Ground Patches) for giving a hope and zest for living life.”

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