Nerve Pain

● “I have been sleeping grounded for two years, since after a severe ankle break. The surgical repair required a plate and nine screws. As a result, I was experiencing difficulty sleeping and had nerve pain in my left foot. With grounding, almost immediately I was sleeping better and the nerve pain subsided. Most significantly, I have a ‘quieter mind’ when sleeping grounded. I fall asleep much quicker if I have to get up during the night. These are subtle things, but very beneficial. I feel more rested when I wake up and love the results of being connected to the Earth.

● “I’ve had a very bad neck injury from a fall that damaged the discs in my neck. The one compressed disc leaves very little room for the radial nerves where they exit my neck. I have to be very careful when I turn my head in either direction, and I cannot tip my head back. To do either of these things puts a lot of painful pressure on the nerves. If I sit in a chair with the seat at the wrong angle for any length of time, or use my arms in the wrong way, the nerves in my arm(s) flair up. Once the flair was so bad I had to take NSAID drugs for 4 months and I wear ice packs that I change every two hours. After a while, the nerves settle down. The flair ups are of shorter duration usually and ice packs and Tylenol are enough. I have had ‘nerve conduction studies’ done twice. Electrodes are placed on the arm being tested (in my case the arms) along the pathway of the radial nerve. Very wet bracelets are wrapped around my wrists. Electric pulses are sent through the arm and a computer measures how long it takes for the electric current to move through the nerve. The doctors can tell from the test if the nerve(s) is being damaged by how the current sweeps through the arm. The test takes about 45 minutes. It is exhausting and painful. Near the end of the test the doctor inserts a fine needle right into the nerve and runs the current again (pretty sore for a long time afterwards). I’m worn out and strung out afterwards, and just want to get home. The earthing mat provides instant, and the most dramatic relief! It is so immediately notable. The relief felt is extraordinary. I can’t imagine how other people get through the nerve conduction study test without earthing afterwards.”

● John P. Ruggieri: I credit earthing with fixing an inflamed nerve root on my spine and restoring feeling in my toe. Could just be a coincidence though.

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