Defuse Jet Lag with Grounding

Looking to reduce common jet lag?  Ground yourself as soon as possible after landing and flying through multiple times zones. Here are some ideas how: …
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Pets Benefit From Grounding, Too

For a veterinarian’s perspective on Earthing, click here.  For more pet stories, see the pet chapter in the Earthing book. To read how grounding can calm …
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Snoring Relief

We frequently receive notes from folks saying that their spouses or partners are no longer snoring or are snoring less, and that sleep apnea is …
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Fibromyalgia Relief

Chronic widespread body pain that often overlaps with moderate to extreme fatigue, headaches, problems with thinking and memory (“fibro fog”), and sleep disturbances – that’s …
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The Blood Pressure Connection

Click here to see the first-ever study on grounding and high blood pressure, published in 2018, which resulted in significant improvements among all ten hypertensive …
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Grounding – Helping Premature Babies

Intensive care doctors have discovered that grounding may boost the resilience of premature infants and lower the risk of complications. The doctors reported that grounding produced …
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