Earthing is for Pets, too

Pets sense something familiar and good when they come in contact with an Earthing mat indoors or another grounding product. They are drawn to it. Almost like a magnet. Like what they are familiar with outdoors. Although they can’t articulate what they feel, their actions and health speak louder than words.

How Earthing helped their pets

“Raffie” on his Earthing throw.
“Mosey” grounding.

Sandra Wong, a musician in Boulder, Colorado, summarizes here the life-extending eimpact of Earthing on her three aging Grand Pyrenees.
In 2013, her “Raffie” was suffering with severe, painful arthritis and multiple structural issues. She had exhausted conventional options, including medication that made him sick, and was reluctantly considering putting him down.
Then a friend suggested Earthing and she obtained an Earthing throw for him. “Raffie” began resting and sleeping grounded. His energy returned, as did mobility and zest for life.
“‘Raffie’ lived to a miraculous 12 years, almost unheard of for Great Pyrenees,” Sandra said. “Grounding gave him an extra year of life, with quality I didn’t think possible.”
“Mosey,” another of her Pyrenees, had developed urinary and fecal incontinence. Her back legs were going out. After several months of grounding and using homeopathic remedies, Sandra said the dog made a “rather miraculous turnaround.” She was able to walk out to the backyard and back without assistance, and 99 % of her incontinence accidents stopped.
“Mosey” passed at 14 ½. Sera, another of her Pyrenees, at 13 ½. “Both had good quality of life until the very end,” Sandra said.

● Michigan artist Deborah Ebbers: “I bought an Earthing mat for my bed and have had very positive results: deep sleep, arthritic pain reduction, calm energy… and now my dog has decided that since I’m grounded it is perfectly natural for her to sleep on top of me……. there’s one little problem…she’s a Great Dane. Beatrix is 116 pounds!”

Karen Kolczak, Phoenix: “I got a grounding mat for my older cat who wasn’t outside much. It helped her go up and down the stairs much more easily. After she died, I got another cat and she loves being on the grounding mat.”

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