Rheumatoid arthritis

 •  Jeanne VanDusen-Smith, retired counselor and therapist, Midlothian, Virginia: “I was diagnosed in 2016 and I clearly remember the rheumatologist saying to me at the time: ‘It’s going to get worse, and other things will start going wrong. You can pray, but it won’t do you any good.’

“Then he offered me a Methotrexate prescription. I researched the drug and thought to myself, ‘Whatever happened to ‘First, do no harm’?   It made no sense to me to take some man-made chemicals that only slow the damage, and most likely damage other parts of the body in the process. The rheumatologist also wanted me on bone medications, even though my bones are strong, and blood pressure medication, even though my pressure is normal. I declined to follow that kind of a program and began looking into nutrition and lifestyle changes.

“I discovered grounding and started doing it daily in February 2018. I noticed a decrease in joint pain almost immediately.  Also, the first outdoor grounding I did, I felt an immediate connection to the Earth − a sense of well-being and belonging.

“When first diagnosed with RA, I’d say my pain was around 7 (out of 10). These days, a couple of months later, when I have pain and fatigue, it’s around 2/3.  But gratefully that hasn’t happened for some time. The only pain I’ve felt lately has been slight, in my fingers, and that may be part of Sjogen’s Syndrome, a condition often accompanying RA that includes dry eyes, dry eyes, mouth, and nose, and occasional fatigue.

“Grounding has reduced my pain so much that I almost feel normal. I have a mat beneath my desk, and another for my bed. It’s a beautiful thing – Grounding. And it’s been a Godsend to me.”

• In January 2018, we received an email from Diana Behets in Belgium:   “I would like to report the effect of Earthing on my mother, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, especially in the hands, in 1999.  She turns 99 om November 2018.   She still lives at home, and has some help with cleaning and meal delivery.

“I learned about Earthing in 2014 and sleep grounded.  The benefits I saw in my own health prompted me to get my mother grounded.  In April of 2015 I put a grounded sheet on her bed. She has been sleeping grounded ever since.

“She used to get shots of Ledertrexate weekly, and took Celebrex daily.  Her blood was checked twice a year because apparently these medications have side effects.  Her medical records show that in March 2015 her C-reactive protein (a blood test for inflammation) was 14.6. The level should be lower than 5.  The inflammation that caused her pain diminished considerably within weeks of starting to sleep grounded. In September 2015, her CRP level measured 5.5.  In both March and September 2016, her level was 6.2.  CRP was 5.6 in April 2017.

“The medication she was taking previously became unnecessary.  She now has barely any pains and is no longer being treated with medication. Her doctor has seen no rheumatoid indicators in the blood and said only use medicine in case of flare ups, which mom has not had since.  Her hands are no longer painful and there are no swollen knuckles. My mother may be very elderly but she is not elderly in pain like she had in the past.  The elimination of medication convinced me even more of the benefits of Earthing.”

• In 2014, an East Coast man reported that after retiring from active work he woke up one morning and could hardly walk without pain. His fingers were bent and would not open. He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was told he would have to take strong medication for his condition. He received differing opinions, including Lyme disease and Lupus, from several other physicians. He finally decided to start the arthritis medications. While looking for alternative remedies, he came across Earthing and started to ground himself on his recliner chair and at his computer desk.

“Unbelievably it began to work on the first day! I slept well that night and ever since. My symptoms are minimal. I have small, minor flares about once every month depending on the barometric pressure. In I became fully functioning again. “My rheumatologist was amazed with the progress and said to keep doing whatever I was doing.”

Two years later, he reported no recurrence of his symptoms. He mentioned that his wife, who has fibromyalgia, remains at about 85% symptom-free. “However, when she does not ground daily, her symptoms start to return to remind her to ground. Once I had inadvertently knocked her contact out of the ground port of the wall outlet and within two days she felt her flares return. When I re-plugged it she was much relieved.”

• From a woman in Iowa: “I have been challenged with RA since June 2006 and continually searching for answers and relief of pain due to inflammation, and joint destruction.

“I purchased an Earthing sheet and mat on the recommendation of several people. I put the mat under the sheet at the area of my hips to help relieve hip pain at night. I also got grounding bands that I wear when I’m at the computer. One band is on my hand and one is on my knee….both inflamed and tender.

“Prior to sleeping on the Earthing sheet, I had very little sleep at nights due to the intense pain and hard to get comfortable. Lack of sleep added to my health challenge. It took at least a month before I started to sleep better after getting the sheet. Then, more and more I was starting to sleep for 2 or 3 hrs at a time. For quite some time now, I am sleeping longer periods of time, and deep and restful sleep. I have to be reminded to remember how bad my sleep was prior to grounding. Getting such better sleep no doubt helps with the other challenges I have.

“Wearing the bands has improved the wrist and knee joint, with less inflammation and more mobility. I am sure there is much more benefits going on in my body from grounding for 8 months now.

“About every 4 months I have blood work done and they check my SED rate to see how much inflammation I have in my body (0-30 is the average range). I have always been in the 60-90 range. Since Earthing, the SED rate has come down and this last blood work it was 29!! This is the 1st time in 5 years that I have been in the average range.

“I know I have a ways to go to regain my health……but I know I’m beating this disease!”