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       One Teenager’s Story

Earthing and acne image of girl's face
Photos taken just before grounding and 30 days later

Ashley: I started getting acne when I was 12. My mom tried a lot of different things to make it go away. Nothing worked. We changed my diet, tried creams, and was even considering prescription medicine.

Stacy – As a mother I felt so helpless trying to find something to clear up the acne. Every time we would be so hopeful that this one particular product or procedure would be the one that would work, but disappointment followed every time. Once we purchased a product that was heavily advertised on television. It just made things worse. Ash has always been an outgoing girl with a sunny disposition and sense of humor with lots of friends. It broke my heart when she started getting acne and I saw her gradually withdrawing within herself, not wanting to attend family or school functions because she was so embarrassed. She would not wear tank tops or bathing suits in the summer because the acne had spread from her face to her chest and back.

Ashley: In the summer of 2015, I started using a grounded pillowcase. My face literally changed before my eyes, and so did my life.

Stacy: What was so fascinating, and obviously gratifying, was the speed with which her acne cleared up. She was having a bad breakout when she started grounding. Her face was red and swollen in parts. And, the acne was present on her chest and back as well. Within two days we could see a clear lessening of the redness and swelling. Within two weeks, there was a huge difference, so much so that friends were asking her what she had turn to turn it around so fast. And over time, she just kept getting better and better. She had a couple of minor outbreaks some months later, probably related to diet or stress, but they were very short in duration. My daughter likes a “natural look,” without using make-up. But with the acne she was using make-up to cover the worst spots. She hasn’t had to do that now for quite a while. The pillow was definitely a life-changing experience for Ashley. It brought much happiness to me to see my daughter start to blossom again.

Ashley: I have so much more confidence now and feel so good about how I look.

Acne Relief in One Week

Posted on Facebook, Jan 2018: “I’ve had moderate acne for nearly a decade and now that I’ve started grounding for a week now, it’s completely gone.”


● From Linda Gould, professional pianist and co-developer of the Play Piano Chords Today method ( “In 2011 I started to have tiny lesions appear on the tips of my fingers. I was quite concerned because I have been a pianist all my life (over 50 years) and currently make my living giving workshops about playing with piano chords. I was given topical cortisone by my doctor and then stronger cortisone, but the lesions progressed all over my fingers and onto the palms of my hands. It was painful and terrifying. I saw a GP and two dermatologists and no official label was given other than some type of psoriasis/eczema.

“The summer of 2013 my hands were so bad I had to hire a teacher to demonstrate on the piano at a workshop I was giving because playing was too painful. One of the workshop attendees told me about Earthing and, as soon as I could, I started grounding at night and while at my computer composing new songs for my chording course. Immediately I started to sleep better than I had in decades. Glorious deep sleeps. Within a month my hands showed noticeable improvement. Within 6 months my hands were 100% clear!  When I stop grounding a few bumps begin to appear within a week and when I start up again they go away. I’ve experimented with this 3 times now.”

● From Erika Catherine, May 15 2022: “I’ve struggled with really bad eczema mostly on my arms and legs that coincidentally also started when I was pregnant with my first son. It’s basically continuously gotten worse over the last 15 years and the only thing that has helped at all was topical steroids. I can’t use them all the time though because they thin your skin. Well I had been off steroids at the time I started earthing so I was in a flair up and it usually tended to get worse when the seasons transitioned which is now in Ohio. Well my skin is actually completely free and clear as well also for the first time in 15 years without any steroid use.”

●  From a woman in Denmark: “For several years I have had a severe allergy with flare-ups of eczema, all over the body. The doctors recommended hormone ointments that I only reluctantly used for a period.  Instead, I was able to partially combat eczema with homeopathy, other natural remedies, and when it was really bad, a trip to the beach and bathing in salt water. A year ago I had a bad outbreak and instead of driving to the beach, I began to sleep grounded. The eczema disappeared.  It was gone. Bathing in the sea is a sure thing when you have eczema, and now I understand that it is probably mainly due to the fact that the seashore is where grounding is best. Now, I regard grounding just as important as fresh air.”

● “Since sleeping grounded, with a grounded pillowcase, my sleep is much deeper, also my psoriasis on my scalp is improving.”  (Australia)

Eczema and COPD improved − a woman in the U.K.: “I have been Earthing for more than two years. I started with an Earthing sheet which seemed to help with night sweats but I was far from convinced. Next I tried an Earthing mat which I used in all sorts of ways on computer, resting my feet on whilst watching TV, etc. My arthritic foot improved noticeably; the swelling went down and I thought my knees did not ache so much. I decided to ‘flood’ my body with Earthing processes as my ailments were all inflammation based. My lifelong eczema disappeared leaving just one 2 cm mild patch that only flares up now and again. I came off the steroid creams. I realized that astonishingly I no longer suffer from hay fever. I have more energy and my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease improved so much that I resumed my rambling walks. I am glad that I stuck with it.”

Hand dermatitis

● Honolulu Acupuncturist Cimone Kamei, D.Ac., shared a 2019 experience of a patient, Noriko Hashimoto, 46, previously diagnosed with hand dermatitis.  She had been prescribed a topical steroid medication but not experienced improvement.

“I started Earthing at the beach because I wanted to get off the steroid medication for the skin rash and also pain in the shoulder,” she said.  “At first, I didn’t really like Earthing, because it was hard to walk on the sand, and also, because I could only go to beach right after work, and I didn’t feel comfortable being there alone wearing my work uniform. Nevertheless, I continued to go to the beach after work, even when I got off late in the evening. Something told me that my body needed to reconnect with the earth. After about 2 weeks, I noticed that whenever I earthed, I began to feel a tingling sensation all over the body, especially at the fingertips.  It’s been a feeling that something was circulating throughout my body. It has been about one month since I started Earthing. My skin issue is subsiding along with improvement of my shoulder pain. I am glad I didn’t quit. It is important to stay with it until you feel the difference and continue with it. I now believe Earthing is a very natural and healing practice.”

Dr. Kamei reported that acupuncture had initially helped his patient to a degree, but the condition improved dramatically when she started Earthing.  It had been red and painful with fluid leaching out when he first saw her.


(Vitiligo is a relatively common autoimmune skin disease. The immune system attacks and destroys melanocytes, the cells that give skin its color, causing the skin to turn white in patches. The condition is associated with inflammation and often with redness and itching. There is no effective treatments for this condition).

● “My elderly mother suffers from an assortment of chronic inflammatory maladies from arthritis to vitiligo, the skin disorder made famous by the singer Michael Jackson. I have had good results sleeping grounded, so I decided to show my sheet to my mother, since grounding might possibly relieve her symptoms of chronic inflammation. When I arrived at her home, I was stunned by a sight I had never encountered before. She was experiencing a full blown, painful skin flare-up on her left forearm. She had mentioned these episodes to me in the past. She develops extreme and burning-like pain along with severe itching. She also has some eczema mixed in. However, I was not prepared for what I saw. Her arm was so red and inflamed that it looked like a bloody, pulpy, piece of raw flesh. My stomach turned and my heart dropped at the sight of it. She was obviously in great pain, and the itching was severe as well. Some of the pain, she told me, could have been exacerbated by the constant scratching in an attempt to relieve the itching.
“I asked her what she normally did to calm down her body’s reaction. She said all she could do is to take her meds and wait for 10-12 hours for the symptoms to subside. I felt terrible for her.
“I instinctively pulled out my grounding sheet, connected it, and told her to just put it on her arm to see if it would at least help minimize the itching. She wrapped it around her arm and we started to talk about other things to take her mind off her discomfort. About 45 minutes into the conversation, I looked at her arm and was shocked. While still a little red, the pulpy appearance had all but vanished. And so, too, the itching was almost gone. She said she felt so much better and was relieved by this totally unexpected development. I have seen a lot of extraordinary things over the years, but I have never witnessed a dramatic, healing transformation quite like that. I continued to ground her for the rest of my weekend visit and there was no recurrence of her severe symptoms.
“I subsequently obtained an Earthing system for her and she started grounding on a consistent basis. In the two months since, she has reported much improved sleep, greatly diminished itching, and only one flare up. The flare-up happened when she lapsed in her grounding routine. She quickly got the situation under control by grounding herself the same way as the first time. She had the exact same relief.”


Leo Zoeller (February 2023): I have rosacea and break out on my face. The Dr. prescribed doxycyclene, an antibiotic which works but I don’t like taking it even as needed as it does destroy gut bacteria and may be detrimental in the future. Since I have been grounding for around a month it has cleared up my rosacea so I am now convinced that earthing is really working and is a legitimate health practice!!

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