Deeper and more restful sleep is one of the most common benefits of grounding.

● Video: “Sleeping through the night for the first time in five years.”

● Video: “Falling asleep fast, and waking up refreshed.”

● One doctor who has been recommending Earthing to his patients for 10 years said this: “The first feedback I usually hear from patients who just started Earthing is, ‘best sleep I’ve had in years.’”

● From Audrey Vietze, RN, from Sun City Center, Florida. On March 9, 2022 she wrote the following letter to Clint Ober:

“Dear Mr. Ober,

“I became aware of Earthing when you wrote your first book. I have had insomnia and sleep problems for many years. After seeing several sleep medicine physicians who ordered multiple sleep studies, I learned I have mild sleep apnea in addition to other problems. Unfortunately they didn’t respond to anything. Being desperate, I decided to start grounding myself by walking outside and using your first (half) sheet. The latter wasn’t very helpful. Somehow I learned about your new mat so for Christmas, my husband and I purchased two. What an improvement! In addition, I resumed walking in the grass and in a matter of weeks, I was cured. I”m astounded and very grateful. I cannot believe that my sleep issues have all disappeared. I was even able to stop the supplements I used to take.

“I gave your first book to my doctor as well as the info on the Earthing Movie. Enclosed you will find the update that I recently sent to him. He seemed receptive. I haven’t seen him yet but this can be his new miracle cure for insomnia. I forgot to ask how long the earthing mat should last. Thank you for all your work and for educating us. You have no idea what it has meant for me.


“Audrey Vietze, RN

● From Matt Sison (January 2023): “Been using a mat now a little over 2 months… Before the mat I was sleeping 5 erratic hours a night. I’d wake up at least 3 x each night at least. Then in the first month I slept 5 hours and I’d be sleeping more and more through the 5 hours. Now I sleep about 6-7 hours all the way through without waking (every so often, like once a week, I’d sleep erratically). Also I’ve noticed those sleeps are soooooooooo deep! Im feeling more rested upon awakening…. Oh forgot to mention, every time I woke up I had to go to the bathroom. Now I hardly go at night when I sleep.”

● From Triston McLaughlin, June 2022: “Been earthing for last week. Have always been out in nature but usually shoed. So have been making it part of my schedule to go to local park and shoes off walking standing and sitting in grass with feet and hands on the ground. Sometimes i journal. Or just be and watch. My sleep has been better. MUch better. Think it’s a combination of the earthing the focus on me for a bit and nature. Amazing! As well we have a home-schooling group and these kids are always barefoot. Basically when out at parks or woods shoes come on for public bathrooms and sidewalks if needed. They see grass shoes come flying off!”

● From Jennifer Finlay, May 2022: “Both my daughters age 21 and 27 ground every night in bed and it has helped their sleep and PMS. Thank you Clint Ober??????

● From Jennifer Watanabe, 64, Pearl City, Hawaii: “After a week of barefoot walking on my lawn, I received my two Earthing mats. I use them daily…sleeping, sitting, etc. I have no pain, no high blood pressure drugs, no smelly me, no anxiety, and I sleep better. What a blessing.”

● “I am 58 years old and have been sleeping grounded for a little over one month. In that time, my sleep patterns have improved dramatically. I sleep at least 8 hours without waking up, something I have not experienced in a number of years. In addition, I feel much calmer, my blood pressure has come down, and I no longer need sleep aids of any kind. I fractured my ankle several months ago, and there was still a lot of stiffness, pain, and swelling. One week after starting to sleep grounded, the ankle felt good enough so I could return to the gym. Now it seems to be 100 percent. I can ride a bike, use the elliptical, and jog without any discomfort.”

● From Jill Hall Bowman (April 29, 2022): Still grounding daily outside. I got my grounding mattress pad April 25th put it on slept on it that night & every night since. I have horrible sleep takes me 45-60min to fall asleep then wake every hour only to get up at 3am. I’ve been doing this for years. I have been falling asleep within 10min I believe and only waking 1x this am was the very 1st time in years I slept

until 5 am! I was asleep before 8:45pm. 8 hours of sleep wow I never got more than 3 hours sleep!

● From Dayana Carter (2022): “I slept my first full night grounded with my earthing pillow cover. Before this I was only doing 30-45 min a day on a mat. Usually I sleep light easily waking now and then. Sometimes waking and unable to get back to sleep the middle of the night, but last night I slept more heavy and solid than I had in a long time. It felt like it was really late but it was 8 am when I woke. I had strange dreams like others have said. I was slightly groggy when I woke but nothing bad. I’m curious what tonight brings.” ??

● “I was undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma and only sleeping 4 to 6 hours/night. I receiving the mats on the day of chemo and starting using one under my feet as I worked at my computer. I experienced an increase in energy. The day of chemo and the following 3 days I take steroids which also interfere with sleep. After completing the steroids I slept for 7 hours and the next night for 8 hours. I had not slept that long for 6 to 8 months. I am continuing to use a mat during the day and also at night and sleeping much better. Even after the last chemo I slept for 5 hours but it was a very deep sleep. I was a great skeptic at the beginning, but now I am recommending them to everyone in my cancer support group.”

● “I started to sleep grounded about three months ago. The first thing I noticed was that I was waking up much earlier in the morning, and was wide awake and ready to get up. During the day my energy levels were incredibly improved. Looking back on my life I seem to have been ‘tired’ a lot of the time, but now I have energy. Over the last few years I have had chronically painful feet and swollen ankles. This has gone and my ankles are back to normal. And on my legs, over the years, I’ve had lumps like moles (I call them carbuncles). These are now ‘shrinking.’ I now have a feeling of being ‘in tune’ with the Earth. When I first heard about Earthing I knew instinctively at once how important it was. Thanks to earthing I am fitter and healthier now than I have ever been.”

● “I slept VERY soundly last night for the first time in a very, very long time. My husband says that I did not snore, either, which seems to be another milestone. It was the second night that the grounding contraption has been on our bed. Could it possibly work that fast? I don’t know whether my husband snored last night because I slept so soundly without waking up at all.”

● From a woman in Michigan: “I’m doing well – sleeping well, no joint or heel pain now, no urinary problems, and my blood pressure is lower consistently – still take hypertension medicine, but a lowered dose – from 20 mg to 10 mg!  My husband sleeps well, too, and now rarely snores, and when he does snore, it’s a fraction of the volume from prior to grounding.  The snoring didn’t improve right away, but it’s come gradually.”

● “As I have gotten older I have begun to experience age-related things like brain fog, difficulty in dropping excessive weight, and most unexpectedly, not sleeping well. Better nutrition and higher intensity weight resistance exercises effectively addressed the first two problems, but I was having difficulty finding a solution to getting good, sound sleep. I tried many methods, short of taking drugs, but nothing worked. It was extremely frustrating. I never had difficulty sleeping before.
“I decided to try grounding, despite a healthy dose of skepticism. The first night grounded, I slept as though I had taken some kind of sleeping pill. I slept through the night and deeper than I had in years. I was stunned by the result. I experienced the same thing the next night and it continued in the ensuing nights.”

● “I fall asleep so much faster now, get much more restful sleep, and have tons of energy during the day. Sleeping grounded also helped me reset my clock and now I go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier, and feel way more rested. I recently ran a 100k (66-mile) ultramarathon called the Chimera 100, one of the toughest 100k races. Though I suffered some stomach issues out on the course that really beat me up, I slept grounded and, once I stopped running, stayed barefoot the rest of the day. I was barely sore the next day and two days out I was fine.”

● “I’m not sleeping with the CPAP machine anymore (Note: CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and is a bedside medical device widely used for conditions associated with disturbed breathing, such as sleep apnea, heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.) I was diagnosed with sleep hypoxia, rather than apnea per se—shallow breathing. The Earthing sheet has improved that as well as lessening the severity of irritable bowel flare-ups.”

● “I read a book called “Earthing” and I would say it has changed my life significantly. As suggested in the book, I have made a conscious effort to make more direct contact with the EARTH − either by barefooting it or sitting on the ground. I am sleeping so well it is downright scary! Last night −7 1/2 hours without even going to the bathroom! I haven’t had one of those little sleep-aids in a month now. Besides that, the inflammation in my body in the form of aches and pains in the arthritic areas has been greatly reduced. I have become a true believer in this theory.”

●  “I’ve never really had trouble sleeping in the past. I can just about sleep standing up! Now we are sleeping on the grounded sheet and I get to sleep much sooner without thinking about it. I still wake to go to the toilet once a night but no trouble getting back to sleep and the sleep in between feels like a better quality, deeper sleep. Also I’m not disturbing my partner anymore and she sleeps through me getting in and out of bed. I noticed when I got out of bed during the night on the first night of being earthed that my lower back muscles were not clenched and I stood straight upright without stretching and no pain. Wow.”  (Australia)

● “I now have been grounded indoors for about a month. At first I found sleep even worse than before, but I decided to keep going and see what happens. I read in the Earthing book to drink more water. I know I do not drink enough water so started drinking more than before. Well I now sleep well most nights for the first time is 20 years. I have more energy, and feel better in many areas of my health. I have stopped having cramps which I had been having for some years even though I was taking magnesium daily. I have always been healthier in the summer and I thought it was because I loved the warm weather, now I know it was because I go barefoot all the time in the summer, even though so many people told me to put my shoes on all my life am now glad I did not listen. I am in my 70’s and still work a full day, gardening and taking care of my dogs.” (Australia)

●   “I just started with grounding products a few days ago. I’m sleeping much better and can go back to sleep if I get up during the night. One night I slept 7 hours straight before waking up. I haven’t done that in over 25 years. I have arthritis in my left ankle. The pain has subsided and my range of motion has significantly increased. “

●   “I’ve been sleeping grounded at night for a few months and my dreams have totally changed, no more nightmares, and I wake in a totally different mood, for the better.”

● “I am a non-professional athlete who has been running since childhood. I had shoulder pain from a fall on a local running trail in August 2009, left hip pain for years, a tweaked neck, and was recovering from a sprained ankle a month before (that was not my year!). After one hour of Earthing, the pain in all areas nearly vanished. I went through the change three years ago and could not sleep a full night without waking up multiple times from pain of past injuries and a noisy living environment. Since sleeping on my Earthing sheet, all has changed. For the first time in three years, I have been sleeping a full night sleep with dreams. I feel more balanced, my friends say I look younger now, and I have a renewed zest for life!”

● KK, female, 75, from Denver, walking barefoot outdoors daily since December for 15 minutes to 2 hours. Reports no symptoms. “A swollen ankle is much improved, and sleep is 25-50% better.”

● Lauren, from Ashland, Oregon: “Basically these last 2 weeks of sleep have been about the same length of sleep. approximately 7 to 8 hours a night.   I have noted every night the go to sleep time and the wake up[  time.   I still wake up 3 to 10 times per night but go right back to sleep.  The biggest change is that my psyche seems to be more protected when I sleep -as not once in these two weeks did I have a stressful dream that had nightmare type of energy.   Instead each night the dream scenarios were problem solving, music making, traveling,… ie,   THAT is  ONE beneficial change that has happened due to sleeping on the earthing mat and pillow case.   It seems that my field is ‘cleaner’ from interfering fear energies.  Every single night has been peaceful.”

● Donna Tisdale, real estate broker, Nashville, TN (2020): “Way back in 2007, I first heard about sleeping grounded was from Dr. Jim Oschman, who was friends with my rolfer. I remember purchasing Earthing sheets in November. 
“The first thing husband Bill and I noticed is that we were sleeping like the dead!  Bill would normally wake up if a gnat farted!  The second thing we noticed was not having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  We just slept through the night. After our good results I bought sheets for my mom for Christmas and I took them with us to our Sarasota house where mom had moved to after Dad passed. My 89 year old mother was also sleeping much better and noticed she didn’t has as many aches and pains. “

● From Nancy in Lakeville, MN (2019): “I immediately noticed sleeping & waking completely refreshed. Extra energy. In a month, spring allergies = gone. Overall feeling of wellness. Shoulder injury pain gone. Haven’t had it tested yet but feel improved eyesight. Feeling grateful for everything experienced so far & sharing with everyone that will listen. Grounding is truly the missing link for overall wellness.”

● EMB, 60, male, from Alberta. Canada, been grounding many hours both indoors (universal mat at desk and TV chair, sleep mat) and grounded footwear outdoors. “For more than 10 years my partner and I have been committed to the healing power of the Earth. Been perfectly healthy.  Been symptom free this flu season. Not even seasonal allergies. Many benefits, most of which have elevated us to a new state of health that we don’t notice as much as we did at the beginning. Sleep improvements, muscle and joint, vision, immune system and inflammatory modulation.”

● Jessica O’Sullivan: this is really interesting. i am a night owl, always have been. i wanted to start getting up for sunrise but just couldn’t fathom actually converting to being a morning person. i had a soul mate cat for whom i would do anything, including get up stumbling and bleary eyed at sunrise and go outside with her for a few minutes daily. this is when i started grounding on the earth regularly this past summer. my body has difficulty detoxing and i have needed 9-10 hours sleep just to be functional. it’s like my body actually needed that much time to get the repair work done every night, and still i was struggling. so after the sunrise and grounding i’d go back to bed for a few more hours. typically i went to sleep around 11-12 and got up twice during the night and slept till 9-10. i started using the universal mat while sleeping in august. i could tell it was reducing inflammation just as the earth was for me, i found it calming. for a few days i was wondering if it was stirring things up, but it passed quickly and i never reduced my usage. sadly, my sweet kitty transitioned to the spirit world on October 9th. it was an intense and emotional time for me. i was thoroughly exhausted. when it was all over, i thought, well after 8 years i’m going to get to sleep through the night and sleep late. …but i don’t! i get tired around 10 and i wake up with the sun. it’s been a month and a half and even if i stay up past 10-11 for some reason- i still wake up at dawn! and i can function on 6-7 hours sleep! seriously- it’s like i’m in an entirely different body. i think it’s a combo for me, less interrupted sleep, and making an effort to get sunlight in my eyeballs as soon as i wake, but definitely also the mat. my body is so much less inflamed and i just don’t need as many hours of repair every night. (thanks for reading the novel of my life). ☺️

● “I have been sleeping grounded for two years, since after a severe ankle break. The surgical repair required a plate and nine screws. As a result, I was experiencing difficulty sleeping and had nerve pain in my left foot. With grounding, almost immediately I was sleeping better and the nerve pain subsided. Most significantly, I have a ‘quieter mind’ when sleeping grounded. I fall asleep much quicker if I have to get up during the night. These are subtle things, but very beneficial. I feel more rested when I wake up and love the results of being connected to the Earth.

● From a woman in Australia: “For a few years I was experiencing bursitis pain in my right hip that moves down toward my leg and knee. I was not able to lie on my right side. I’ve been using a grounding sheet for four weeks and now my hip pain is gone. I noticed an improvement within a few days. I can now lie on my side quite comfortably without pain. I no longer need the painkillers at night. Nor do I wake up as before during the night with pain. I sleep better at night and wake up feeling more refreshed, with more energy during the day. I recently spent an entire day in my garden. Normally by night time my legs and arms would ache. However, sleeping on the grounding sheet my body felt rested and refreshed and I felt little pain the next day. Normally after a day in the garden I would have quite sore muscles that would take 48 hours to recover. Not any more now. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments for my hip but until now have never experienced total pain free. Now with grounding this is happening.”

● From Sarah Laucks, York, PA, wellness educator, (2017): Sarah Laucks is a former education director of an organization that stages events in the U.S. and Canada for people with disabilities, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals.  She shared her grounding experience with us in December 2017: “I sleep very soundly. I’m rested and ready to go when I wake up. I no longer need a few hours to ‘get going.’ My husband says he’s never seen me have so much energy. We’ve been together for 12 years. And he’s right I have so much more energy than I did before.”

● From Jennifer Finlay, Feb 2022: “For years I have had trouble getting to sleep and waking in the night. Since grounding I no longer have either of these problems. I manage to have on average 7 hours quality uninterrupted sleep per night.”


● From a man in Australia: “For years I suffered chronic insomnia, caused mainly by ongoing gut trouble.  Nothing helped.  When I started sleeping grounded on a grounding sheet, however, my sleep began to improve.  The improvement was very slow at first; just one good sleep in the first week. In the next three weeks the sleep varied, sometimes good, sometimes disrupted and restless.  After a month the good sleeps began to be a regular occurrence – every two or three days, but with a few hours’ sleep even on the bad nights.  After three months I was sleeping fairly regularly.  Now after two years, my insomnia has vanished.  Of course, I have to get up about once a night, but that is probably average for most 53 year-olds.  It has to be the sheet, as I made no major changes to diet, lifestyle or routine during this period.”

● From Karen Ball, 63, massage therapist, Beaverton, OR: “In 2011, I was in terrible shape. I had been suffering with serious insomnia for 22 years, sleeping maybe 2 -3 hours on average per night. I had developed an inability to break down carbohydrates and had other digestive difficulties, mild depression, bloating, 15 years of hot flashes, bone density issues, and severe arthritis and muscle contraction in my right hip that caused pain and restricted movement. To top it off, at 244 pounds, I was 80 pounds overweight.

“Sleeping pills, mega-doses of melatonin, antihistamines, supplements, hot baths, herbs, teas, meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation CDs, and so many more things were making little impact on my problems. I read everything and tried everything I found, many times over. I checked out every book the library had on insomnia and read anything I could find on the web.

“In July 2011, I started sleeping on an Earthing sheet. The first three nights I didn’t get any sleep, but I had massive amounts of energy from laying on it 7-9 hours per night. Within the first 2 hours I lost considerable inflammation so that my ankles which had been severely swollen now appeared normal. I weighed myself and found I had lost 4.5 pounds of swelling those first 3 nights. Not real weight loss; just a very noticeable decrease of swelling.

“It took 6 nights before I got a good night’s sleep. But from August of 2011 to the present, August of 2013, I have had 4-8 hours of sleep every night except for 2 nights. In that time, I’ve had more than 40 nights where I slept through the night through without getting up to urinate. The better sleep is a big deal. I can only lose weight when I sleep five hours or more. I have now lost 40 pounds, and basically by not doing anything, just sleeping more. I need to lose another 40, and to do that, I’ll need to stop eating bread when I shouldn’t.

“First my ankles and then the knees became normal size without the swelling. I could actually see my kneecap for the first time in five years. My pain was reduced. The contraction in my right thigh (my body trying to protect the hip) went away. The position of the femur corrected itself, and was no longer pressing against the side of the hip socket. This meant a greater range of movement, less pain, and for the first time in years, allowed me to start exercises to reverse the muscle atrophy that had developed over the previous decade. Walking and other forms of exercise had been very painful. I could now do those things.

“In recent years, my hip pain and restrictions had increased to the point where at times I couldn’t manage anything greater than a 4-inch stride. I am a tall woman with a 36-inch inseam. I was barely able to get my leg over the side of a tub and had to lift my leg with my hands to get into bed or to get into a car. Gradually, I’ve been able to extend my stride to 18 inches on a good day. That’s not much for a woman of my age with very long legs, but it is so much better, and it has been getting better all the time.

“I still walk with a cane most of the time, but when I don’t my side-to-side hip sway is less than half of what it was before. The sway increases pain so I use the cane to minimize the sway. It provides support as I get better. My ability to bend my knees has increased. I can cross either leg over center now and I could not before. I can lift things now that before would cause severe pain in the hip. I have been able to do yard work on my half acre, walk readily back and forth to the chicken coop, and sometimes get in a total of a mile-and-a-half of daily walking. I am working continually to strengthen the weak leg muscles so that maybe one day I will be able to walk without a cane. Meanwhile, it looks as if I am pushing off further into the future a hip replacement that I was supposed to have at one time.

“Previous to all this, I had developed arthritis in my right pinky. It was swollen and bent, and painful when I put pressure on it during my work as a massage therapist. The joint has straightened dramatically (though not completely yet) and is much more normal now. I can now put maximum pressure on it without any problem. I had pain in one wrist and that went away as well.”

“My night sweats stopped, and then my hot flashes diminished, and stopped completely in December 2011. After 15 years, it was a great relief.”

“I hadn’t realized how depressed I was until after I started Earthing and having a growing sense of well- being and return to health. It is a wonderful feeling. I can do so much more now, although I am aware of my limitations. If I do too much or eat too much bread, then I can only get about 4 hours of sleep. That used to be my maximum but not enough to lose weight. I love the fact that my maximum is my minimum now. My capacity keeps growing and the improvements continue. Clearly the more time I spend Earthed, the better I feel.”

●  From a 2017 review of the Earthing book on “I haven’t slept well in over 10 years. My sleep quality has consistently gotten worse since I finished college and got a job. I used to go outside all the time and many times barefoot since I lived near a beach. Sometimes it would be so nice outside that I would fall asleep and wake up the next morning outside. I never had any problems with sleep during my younger years but after graduating, getting a job and trying to work my way up the ladder I became ill. I no longer lived near a beach, I didn’t have the time to go outside and my commute was a total of four hours every day. I slept maybe four to five hours a day and started to become depressed and easily agitated. I tried everything from hypnosis, music, pills, diet, etc but nothing worked to assist my sleep.

“During my desperation I came across this book and immediately started to ground myself while reading. I noticed my sense of wellbeing and energy levels drastically improved after just one hour. I finished this book over the weekend and was compelled to purchase their electrodes and blankets. My first night with the electrodes and blanket I slept for the entire 8 hour period and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off. It was like magic.

“After 4 weeks I had a doctor appointment and my doctor already could see a change in my appearance as I had lost a few pounds and he said I had more color. I didn’t have those circles under my eyes either. My weight, blood pressure, glucose were all now normal when they were just very high 3 months ago.  My friends and family have been absolutely shocked with my transformation over this past month. They say I’m like a brand new person from not only my appearance but with being more social and positive. I just informed them about this book and how humans have been depriving themselves of ‘Vitamin G’ aka grounding.”

● From a 2016 book review on Amazon:  “After reading the Earthing book I immediately started earthing/grounding naturally in my backyard and obtained Earthing products to ground myself at night.  I have had insomnia for about a year, ever since I moved into a house where there was a Smart Meter on my back bedroom wall. Not sure if this has something to do with it or not, but if you read all the horrific health complaints people are having regarding smart meters, it is probably the likely culprit.

“Immediately when I started grounding myself during the day and night my insomnia seems to have completely disappeared. I slept nearly 9 hours the first night I had it which is unreal to me. It only has been a little over a week now of using the earthing products. But I feel great. Instead of only getting 5-6 hours of restless sleep, I have been getting 7-8 of really deep/good sleep. Yes, I realize it could be a placebo effect. But I highly doubt it at this point. Time will tell if it is or isn’t. I have more energy in the day now as well. My brain is working better. I was starting to develop memory problems due to being sleep deprived. I am not noticing that anymore. I am amazed.”

From an 86-year old insomniac: “I had been suffering a sleeping problem for years. Waking up after fifteen to thirty minutes and being unable to get back to sleep again. I discovered Earthing and have never looked back. Asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, never open my eyes again for several hours, wake up fresh as a daisy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Gaming-induced insomnia

● From a doctor dealing with insomnia issues related to video game addiction (2019):  “I’ve been grounding for almost one year, and I am getting amazing sleep quality. I struggled with tech overuse and video game addiction over a decade ago. Now, I think my occasional insomnia in the absence of video games is due to training my brain to play 50 to 100 hours per week of video games over a period of 10 years. During these 10 years of excessive gaming, I was sleeping on average 2 to 4 hours a night, and I essentially trained my brain to desire lack of sleep. Around October 2017, I was having months where I could only get 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night. Good sleep hygiene, melatonin pills, Ambien, and body scan relaxation did not help me sleep more. Electrically grounding my body was the thing that helped me with improved sleep quality. With grounding, I don’t need Ambien nor melatonin pills. I’ve recommended grounding the body during sleep to dozens of people, and these individuals have reported similar improved sleep quality and mental calmness. I think grounding will help with video game induced insomnia and reduced fatigue.”

Jim Funk, 70, Florida (2020): “Addiction: Earthing, (feet on the ground), has been crucial for my ongoing recovery from online video game addiction. (1 decade/1- 5 hours daily/ 6 months of recovery). In 15-30 minutes of earthing, I consistently become calmer, happier, more focused, and spiritually connected. Earthing is more available than video games, and is now  my go-to for handling stress, treating insomnia and being more spiritually connected. Knowing that within 30 minutes of earthing  my mind can go from cloudy to clear and from morose to mirthful, diminishes  cravings.  By dramatically minimizing time to fall sleep it removes a major impetus to game.”


● From a dentist in Maine: “Patients now sleeping grounded report almost universal positive response, some of them quite remarkable.  Cessation of snoring is one that has created a lot of gratitude from partners involved and everyone’s snoring is much improved or eliminated.”

● From a woman in Michigan: “I’m doing well – sleeping well,  no joint or heel pain now, no urinary problems, and my blood pressure is lower consistently – still take hypertension medicine, but a lowered dose – from 20 mg to 10 mg!  My husband sleeps well, too, and now rarely snores, and when he does snore, it’s a fraction of the volume from prior to grounding.  The snoring didn’t improve right away, but it’s come gradually.”

● “I slept VERY soundly last night for the first time in a very, very long time. My husband says that I did not snore, either, which seems to be another milestone. It was the second night that the grounding contraption has been on our bed. Could it possibly work that fast? I don’t know whether my husband snored last night because I slept so soundly without waking up at all.”

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