● From Karen Ball, 63, massage therapist, Beaverton, OR: “In 2011, I was in terrible shape. In July 2011, I started sleeping on an Earthing sheet. The first three nights I didn’t get any sleep, but I had massive amounts of energy from laying on it 7-9 hours per night. Within the first 2 hours I lost considerable inflammation so that my ankles which had been severely swollen now appeared normal. I weighed myself and found I had lost 4.5 pounds of swelling those first 3 nights. Not real weight loss; just a very noticeable decrease of swelling.

First my ankles and then the knees became normal size without the swelling. I could actually see my kneecap for the first time in five years. My pain was reduced. The contraction in my right thigh (my body trying to protect the hip) went away. The position of the femur corrected itself, and was no longer pressing against the side of the hip socket. This meant a greater range of movement, less pain, and for the first time in years, allowed me to start exercises to reverse the muscle atrophy that had developed over the previous decade. Walking and other forms of exercise had been very painful. I could now do those things.

● From a woman in Alberta, Canada (2019): “We see tons of snow for 4 months and minus 30-40. But the rest of the year I don’t touch the mat hardly at all (except for sleeping). It’s a game-changer for me. I have both knees and hips with severe osteoarthritis and a fractured L4, L5 that never healed properly. My knees and hips are actually regaining range of motion. I can do stairs (carefully) and I haven’t had pain in my lower back or swelling on my feet and legs for quite a while. Only a few months in but better results than ever before.”

● KK, female, 75, from Denver, walking barefoot outdoors daily since December for 15 minutes to 2 hours. Reports no symptoms. “A swollen ankle is much improved, and sleep is 25-50% better.”

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