Veins (legs)

From a reader of the Earthing book on (May 2019):  “This earthing really works!!! It’s not a bunch of bologna. I purchased a half sheet to try for my legs. My veins are broken and my legs ache all the time. After about a week on the sheet my legs feel great !!! I’m on them all day and they don’t hurt ! I can’t believe it !!”

•  From Meredith in England (2013): “I gave my mother an Earthing throw for her 89th birthday. Among the many complaints from which she suffered was a quite pronounced discolouration of her lower legs. She had suffered quite severe varicose veins in her legs during her pregnancies much earlier in her life and had the veins ‘stripped.’ Now the skin on her feet, ankles, shins and calves had become dark brown – almost blue – to the point one of her nurses thought she had vascular disease from diabetes (though she did not have diabetes.)  Within a week or two of her sleeping on the Earthing throw the colour of her legs began to lift and lighten and over the following months her legs looked healthier. As well as the marked shift in colour was an improvement in her skin tone – AND the foot specialist was amazed when he measured the blood flow to and from her feet to find that it was ‘perfect.’  There is absolutely no doubt the Earthing throw was responsible.”

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