Aestheticians Report Less Aching, More Energy

• From Lynn Dellapasta, 63, owner of the Westshore Skin & Health Center, Westlake, OH:  “I’ve been in this profession for more than 25 years, and over the years noticed a lethargy starting in mid-afternoon. I follow a healthy diet, so it had nothing to do with eating carbs or drinking sodas at lunch.  After working on multiple clients, the lethargy would kick in and stay, and after 8 ½-9, I just wanted to get out and go straight home.  I was exhausted.

“I would also feel tightness, tiredness, and achiness in the shoulders and neck, plus soreness and stiffness in the hands, arms, and wrists.   This is the result of beauty work, facial massages, and giving microdermabrasion treatments, one after another, bending over clients.  This is ache-producing and tiring work.

“In January 2016 I started using the grounding pad on my facial table, and also put one on the tables of the two other aestheticians working with me.  We have all been getting good results over the nine months since.

“I quickly noticed more energy, and soon no more afternoon lethargy. I didn’t need to run home to rest.  I do errands and shopping now, with the energy for it. It’s a big turnaround.

“After three days, the stiffness, tightness, pins and needles in my hands disappeared.  The shoulders, arms, and neck were far less tired, and no longer sore.  My neck wasn’t stiff anymore.  What a relief!  I’ve also noticed a growing sense of lightness, centeredness, and of being serene.  The two other girls working here have experienced similar results. The whole atmosphere is more upbeat.  More positive.  More energy.  More calmness.  Less aching backs.

“Bridget Lynch, one of my aestheticians, has always struggled with her weekend schedule: working Friday afternoons and evenings and then getting up early the next day to handle the first client. She’s simply not a morning person and can sleep late during the week.  The anticipation of getting up early (for her) on Saturday hampers her Friday night sleep.  Since being grounded, she says, it’s no problem. She drops off to sleep easily and wakes up with energy on Saturday.  She is amazed.

“Shelley Farris, my aesthetician-daughter who has been working with me for many years, had pinched a nerve in her neck. The pain was radiating down her shoulder.  An afternoon of grounding resolved the pain.

“My clients say they feel the difference. One client told me she almost cancelled because of back pain but came because of concern about the dull condition of her skin.  At the end of her treatment, she jumped off the table and said her back pain was gone.  She demanded that I sell her a pad, and she now uses it at home.  In a follow-up appointment, she said the back pain hadn’t returned.

“Another client was mourning the loss of her husband two years before, and hadn’t been in for a treatment for several years.  Her sleep was terrible, she said.  She had aged a great deal.  After treatment on the grounded table, she described a deep inner calmness.  She took a pad home and when she came back for another treatment she told me she was now sleeping through the night.  She looked so much better and seemed to have a new lease on life.

“Mother Earth is some healer!”

Featured photo by Peter Conlan.

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