Better Sleep

Better sleep is a common benefit of Earthing. The body repairs itself when you sleep. The body repairs itself even better when you sleep grounded. You sleep deeper. You have more energy and less pain.
Doctors who recommend Earthing to patients often say: “The first feedback I usually hear from someone who just started Earthing is, ‘best sleep I’ve had in years.'”

What people are saying

“Family shocked over my transformation”
“I haven’t slept well in over 10 years since finishing college and getting a job. I tried hypnosis, pills, but nothing worked for sleep. During my desperation I came across Earthing. My first night grounded I slept 8 hours. It was magical.
“After 4 weeks, my doctor noticed a change. I had lost weight. I had more color. No more circles under my eyes. My blood pressure and glucose were normal. They were very high three months before. My family is shocked by my transformation.”

“I slept better immediately”
“I felt benefits immediately. I slept better. I started remembering my dreams again, too. I gave an Earthing set to my sister. Both she and her husband were amazed at the quality of their sleep.”

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A doctor’s perspective

“One of the first things patients tell me after they start Earthing is that they sleep so much better at night. This is a big deal for many of my patients.”

− Tracy Latz, M.D., an integrative psychiatrist, Mooresville, North Carolina

” I recall two patients who came to see me a day apart. Both had been on vacation with their families and found that they didn’t need to take their usual sleeping pills or over-the-counter melatonin when away from home, but then slept poorly again once they returned to their home. I asked both of them where they had been. Both had been at the beach, where they had been walking barefoot, sitting on the sand, and dipping in the ocean water. They said they slept so well, and their mood and pain was so much better when at the beach. This, of course, happens often on seaside vacations, but people rarely connect it to being barefoot or in the water.

“For patients with anxiety (post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder), Earthing can help elevate serotonin levels in the brain as it decreases cortisol (an anxiety-inducing hormone released when people are stressed). As cortisol levels decrease and stabilize, we all become more centered, peaceful and calm. Some patients will stop Earthing after their anxiety gets better and then stress may begin to creep back in. I remind them about what helped them get better and they usually begin Earthing practice again.”


A 2004 study documented Earthing’s normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol. Participants in the study reported improved sleep and reduced pain and stress. Read the study here.

Read about an earlier experiment, in which 30 grounded participants experienced less pain and better sleep compared to 30 other participants who were “sham grounded.”

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