Snoring Relief

We frequently receive notes from folks saying that their spouses or partners are no longer snoring or are snoring less, and that sleep apnea is improved, as a result of sleeping grounded.

One dentist told us that patients using “the Earthing sheets report a lot of gratitude from partners…and everyone’s snoring is much improved or eliminated.”

In 2012, a health blogger was motivated to write about sleeping grounded after her own positive experience and when her reported a huge reduction in dad’s nocturnal snoring level.

Subdued snoring.  It’s definitely one of Earthing’s multiple benefits.

According to a National Sleep Foundation survey in 2008, nearly 50 percent of 75,000 adults surveyed reported snoring, about 37 percent of them on a regular basis. It’s a common problem among all ages and both genders, and can cause disruptions in sleep leading to daytime dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. A serious form of snoring, called sleep apnea, involves cessation of breathing and requires medical attention. Snoring and apnea often involve inflammation of nasal and sinus passages, which is one reason why Earthing helps.  Earthing reduces inflammation throughout the body.

The health blog writer didn’t have a snoring problem, but said her quality of sleep improved after she started sleeping grounded.  This was a big deal, she wrote, because she’s “a mother who has had a steady 8+ years of regularly interrupted sleep (I’ve been pregnant or nursing this whole time).”

She was now “waking up refreshed with far less sleep than would normally have been required to experience the same level of alertness.”   Earthing also helped her husband’s back pain, she added.

Responses to her blog included the following comments:

● “We’ve been sleeping earthed/grounded for about a year, and it has helped my hubby and me tremendously. He has chronic sinus issues and snores a lot. Between changing our diets to be primal/paleo and sleeping grounded, he doesn’t snore much anymore. Yay! My own quality of sleep has improved tremendously too.”

● “My wife used to snore a lot. We started sleeping grounded about 6 months ago and already after a few weeks her snoring dramatically reduced. And should she snore it does not bother me anymore, as I have never slept so well. My sleep is the deepest ever. And another thing. I’m 67 years of age and getting up during the night to go to the bathroom was a normal routine. Not any more.”

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