Fairfield IA: Earthing Capital of the World?

Fairfield (population 9,464) is not just another corn belt town in Iowa. It lists some 500 businesses, reportedly more than any other American community its size. It is home to Maharishi University of Management and several thousand meditators, giving it perhaps the distinction of Meditation Central U.S.A. In addition, it may have rapidly become the Earthing capital of the world — some 300 people (more than 3 per cent of the population) have incorporated Earthing into their daily lifestyle.

Earthing enthusiasm in this southeast Iowa town has been stoked by Clover Calvet and Jim Lind, who first personally experienced the benefits of Earthing more than a year ago, and then spread the word throughout the meditation community.

Clover, a dynamic retired businesswoman and teacher, noticed an immediate change in her sleep. It was deeper and more restful. As a result, she’s had much more energy. With an exception though. She contacted us once with this confession: “For two weeks after the departure of a house guest, I was suddenly feeling miserable with a lot of fatigue. My teeth started to be sore and I didn’t sleep well at all. At first I thought it was a result of too much activity while playing host to my guest, but I finally discovered that I had forgot to plug in my Earthing sheet. Now all is well again. Sleep and energy restored!”

Moral of the story: Stay connected!

Jim, 65, a semi-retired businessman, has suffered with musculoskeletal problems since childhood and over the decades experienced varying degrees of fatigue and poor sleep, depending on his activity load. “The first day I used the Earthing floor mat for some hours while on the computer and afterward I realized that my usual afternoon mental fatigue was gone,” he said. “Instead, I was feeling alert. I used the mat also for sleeping and the first night I had much deeper sleep then I had in many months, maybe years. I then got myself an Earthing sheet and experienced the same kind of deeper sleep. Over the subsequent months I have found my body more relaxed and comfortable upon waking and throughout the day. The discomfort level is way down.”

Comments from other Earthing users in Fairfield reveal the broad spectrum of benefits produced by Earthing:

● “I started to use the band on my wrist four month ago at night. I suffered from severe pain in my right arm due to many hours working on the computer. After a few days the pain was reduced significantly and doesn’t bother me anymore during daily activity.”

● “I have Huntington’s Disease and involuntary movements. After one month I noticed I am sleeping better, biting my tongue less, and swallowing liquids easier.”

● “After one month I noticed that I tend to sleep through the night more and wake with a more positive attitude.”

● “The first time I used the sheet, I put it over my body and put my hands on top of it, palms down over my heart area. A sensation began immediately of something flowing profusely into my palms. It was like Niagara Falls. It was a very pleasant sensation. It’s been four months now and I find I drop off to sleep more quickly and wake up feeling more refreshed. The quality of my sleep has improved a great deal. Before, falling asleep was sometimes a problem for me. I noticed also a profound reduction in anxiety within a month or so. I suffered from a chronic low level of anxiety and it affected my life in many ways. With less anxiety, my general mood has been more positive and optimistic. I have felt happier. At the time I started Earthing I was still recovering from a badly sprained big toe on my left foot. I had sprained it while dancing six months before. Several different treatments had helped somewhat, but the joint was still stubbornly inflamed and very tender. Quite quickly I noticed the inflammation went away, and the sprain began to heal and after four months the joint is almost completely normal.”

● “My intense day and night hot flashes are about 90 percent gone since I started sleeping grounded two months ago.”

● “I use the Earthing band at night and also during my long sitting period of meditation. I have noticed significant reduction in pain from a neck injury due to an accident many years ago. The neck and shoulder pain was almost a daily reality. The pain is now almost gone. Lower back pain is significantly less and if there is some strain due to prolong sitting or weather changes, the recovery time is very fast. My sleep quality has improved — almost from the second or third night.”

● “I had some trouble with restlessness and inability to fall asleep for a few years before I started using the sheet. Now I don’t have any trouble and I wake up feeling great. I got an earthing pad for my 13-year-old dog. For about a year he had had a chronic infection in one eye. I used antibiotic eye drops from the vet which would clear up the condition, but when I stopped using them the problem would always come back. When he started sleeping on the Earthing pad the condition cleared up without eye drops and didn’t return. Before sleeping on the pad he used to jump up suddenly from the lying position for no apparent reason. He hasn’t done this since Earthing.”

● “I’ve had a myriad of back and neck problems since a car accident about 15 years ago. Since using the Earthing mat and bed sheet I’ve experienced a dramatic reduction in my level of inflammation and discomfort. Within the first few hours I noticed a difference. It has been amazing.”

● “I experienced relief from stomach problems after about a week and from some arthritis pain almost immediately.

● “For many years I’ve been getting a routine massage on Fridays. My massage therapist asked what I had been up to as she noticed a reduction in the swelling in my knees. I then explained Earthing to her. She was so impressed she went out and got a sheet for herself.”

● “I am able to sleep and rest better which has always been a problem because of stress related to traumatic childhood abuse. I am happier.”

● “Earthing got rid of my PMS.”

● “Digestion and elimination are more fluid and flowing; joints also more fluid and no aches.”

● “I have had fibromyalgia for many years, a source of constant pain day and night and making it difficult to sleep. I have been sleeping on the Earthing sheet for almost 2 weeks. Now I look forward to going to sleep. If I wake up to use the bathroom, I go right back to sleep. In the morning I awake feeling rested and without pain. I have some pain that comes back during the day, but much less. I also use the Earthing bands while at the computer and reading and watching TV. As soon as I put a band on I can feel the Earth’s energy flowing into my body and the discomfort going away. I no longer need pain pills.”

● “I have been challenged with rheumatoid arthritis since June 2006 and continually searching for answers and relief of pain due to inflammation, and joint destruction. I purchased the Earthing half sheet (Jan. 30, 2011) after it was recommended to me from several people. I have the sheet long ways so that most of my body is earthed each night. I also purchased the mat, which I would put under the sheet at the area of my hips to help relieve hip pain at night.

“Oh yeah , I also got the bands that I wear when I’m at the computer. One band is on my hand and one is on my knee….both inflamed and tender.

“Prior to sleeping on the earthing sheet, I had very little sleep at nights due to the intense pain and hard to get comfortable. Lack of sleep added to my health challenge. It took at least a month before I started to sleep better after getting the sheet. Then, more and more I was starting to sleep for 2 or 3 hrs at a time. For quite some time now, I am sleeping longer periods of time, and deep and restful sleep. I have to be reminded to remember how bad my sleep was prior to grounding. Getting such better sleep no doubt helps with the other challenges I have.

“Wearing the bands has improved the wrist and knee joint, with less inflammation and more mobility. I am sure there is much more benefits going on in my body from grounding for 8 months now.

“About every 4 months I have blood work done and they check my SED rate to see how much inflammation I have in my body (0-30) is the average range. I have always been in the 60-90 range. Since Earthing, the sed rate has come down and this last blood work done this week, SED rate was at 29!! This is the 1st time in 5 years that I have been in the average range.

“I know I have a ways to go to regain my health……but I know I’m beating this disease!”

● “Over one year ago I was diagnosed with a challenging disease ALS (Lou Gehrig’s). My sleep became erratic at best. My sister gave me a grounding sheet, hoping it would help settle me during the night. It really helped! Now, even if I awake in the night, I can easily go back to sleep. I also use a grounding pad at work and feel that this, along with diet, have helped me remain stable. (1 yr.+) I LOVE THE SHEET! I now have a king sized fitted sheet. Thanks for this “invention.”

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