Earthing Boosts Performance, Energy, Recovery, and Healing

Earthing “in action” at the Tour de France

Sports Chiropractor of the Year: Grounding is indispensable

As a top sports chiropractor working with many top athletes, Jeff Spencer sees his job as keeping them healthy, maximally efficient, and helping them snap back from brutal training programs and all-out performances. In this capacity, he has always looked for state-of-the art methods with which to help optimize performance and recovery from training, competition, injuries, and surgery.

More than 15 years ago Jeff discovered Earthing to be so beneficial in his work that he has routinely recommended it ever since to the people he treats and counsels, including football players, marathoner runners, cyclists, and motocross racers. Businessmen, as well.

In the Earthing book, he describes the dramatic story of how he used Earthing sleep systems and patches to reduce the common injuries and fatigue encountered by cyclists at one of the world’s premiere sports events, the grueling Tour de France. (See video clip above)

“My observations and feedback enable me to say, without any reservation,” Jeff emphasizes, “that Earthing is an indispensable healing and recovery tool, something even beyond significant, for any treatment or recovery regimen as it relates to injury, surgery, and maximum athletic performance. I tell my people to sleep grounded at night and ground themselves during the day as much as they can. I have found it much more effective than icing.” Read more about Jeff Spencer’s observation, and comparison to icing, by clicking here.

3-time Ironman champion Chris Lieto describes the Earthing effect

Former top woman tennis pro says no longer needs anti-inflammatories

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, former top ten ranked tennis professional in the world:  “I am a founder of the TEDS Foundation, a nonprofit holistic healing facility in Virginia. People come to our programs from around the world. We make sure they are Earthing…outdoors and indoors.

“My husband and I sleep grounded, as do our two boys. They are homeschooled and use grounding mats when they study. They are shoeless whenever possible.  They don’t get sick.   

“Attendees in our programs include addicts, patients with trauma, cancer, and auto-immune disease, athletes of every level, and just people with general aches or pains. We have repeatedly seen rapid relief from grounding among those who did not get relief previously from prescription medication and medical treatments. As a result they have applied Earthing in their daily lives.

“I wish I had known about Earthing years ago while on the tennis tour. I’m sure I could have avoided the back injuries, the medications, and surgery that ended my career in 2008.  Since sleeping grounded I no longer need any anti-inflammatories. My trips to chiropractors and body workers have also decreased.”

Water skiing champion Mark Lane

More energy

Biophysicist James Oschman explains how Earthing generates energy. Baseball player Matt Davidson demonstrates how simple it is.

Weightlifter Ken Jones lifts more with Earthing

For inflammation, think Earthing, not icing

For decades, icing has been a go-to method for reducing swelling and pain after injury or intense training. Now, according to a 2019 article in Men’s Health magazine, the sports ice age for may be going the way of historical ice ages. In fact, some experts believe that icing is detrimental to the healing process.

Over the years, Earthing studies have documented a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that should excite all athletes (professionals and amateurs alike). Here are some links to information that explains why:

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