Earthing Video Testimonials

Research and testimonials over the years show that Earthing generates benefits within the nervous system. Listen to how our Earthing Technology has benefited people by watching their testimonials below.

A Fire Captain Experiences Overall Relief

Brad has experienced physical benefits such as being able to do leg work at the gym and going up flights of stairs during his daily job and now experiences a deeper sleep waking up feeling well rested.

A Police Officer Has An Improved Quality of Life

Chelby experiences better sleep every night immediately after using Earthing Technology and relief in her chronic back, knee, and hip pain over time.

A Narcotics Officer Experiences Better Sleep

Scott has experienced a better quality of sleep and the aches and pains are gone within 6 months of using the grounding pad.

People Experience Relief by Earthing in India

Stories of people who have experienced relief from disorders, such as Macular Degenerative Eye Disorder and Osteoarthritis.

A Brief Guide to Earthing


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