●  From a woman in England: “I bought an earthing sheet as I was so totally convinced that this was the solution to my insomnia. Also I started walking barefoot again when I took the dogs out along the footpaths every afternoon. Only problem is I have anxiety…I kept my faith, and gradually noticed over the first week an improvement in my sleep, which used to be horrendous as every night I went to bed dreading the anxiety and lying there for literally hours before dropping off. I also noticed very subtle things shifting. The anxiety reduced and I no longer wake with a jolt just after dropping off. I found that I felt more peaceful, which was surprising as I didn’t think I was tense all the time. Very oddly I feel at ease with my fellow man, and feel compassion and liking and a definite want to get to know people more deeply. As I said, all very odd! Now four weeks on of using the earthing sheet, and walking barefoot in the fields most days, I feel it was the best purchase of my life as far as my health goes. All the supplements and therapies have not helped with my anxiety and eating disorder, but this little sheet connecting me with the earth, plus the barefooting have done so much for me.”