“My 6-year-old old son just encountered his first asthma flare-up since I read your book. I then wrapped him in a grounded sheet for a good 24 hours at the first signs. Amazing. I used his steroids once, begrudgingly, and as usual they make him feel lousy. His entire body reacts poorly to the steroids, and while his breathing may improve, we wind up with unpleasant side effects. I decided to discontinue the steroids and let the sheet take over. In most cases we settle in for a week of illness, but now he was back at school the next day! I’ve been working hard to find ways to deal with his asthma without the use of steroids. Earthing was easy and it made perfect sense to me.”

“The grounding mat has helped my asthma. I was taking 2 puffs twice a day of 2 different asthma inhalers. Normally, if I would miss taking my sprays in 2 or 3 hours I would start to wheeze. Since sleeping on the grounding mat I have been able to go 24 hours without taking either spray and have not had a problem. I haven’t used my peak flow meter in years and was usually at 330. Now I am from 350 to 380. I had an appointment with my asthma doctor who does research and runs a clinic. My breathing test result were better than last year.”

“My little boy has bad asthma and had a flare up one night. His emergency inhaler helped but he was still coughing in his sleep. I put an Earthing patch on the bottom of his foot and within 15 minutes the coughing stopped completely. He slept through the night, too. The patches are my favorite Earthing product!”