See this short video interview of teachers talking about Earthing’s potential for autism

Observations on Earthing and autism. From Clint Ober: Based on our experience, grounding at night, with perhaps an Earthing bed mat, can improve sleep. It may help to also ground during the day, such as being barefoot outdoors in yard or on concrete patio if possible…. or a grounded pillow cover, grounded wrist band or grounded mat to sit on while watching TV or similar activities…. sometimes Earthing patches are helpful…advanced autism requires 24/7 grounding for best results..

●  From Michael Priestman, D.C., Canandaigua, NY (2018): “I must share this story Yesterday, one of my patients came in for her regular monthly chiropractic treatment. Several months ago, at my suggestion, she had started Earthing for both herself and her son, a fifteen-year-old, non-verbal, not entirely potty-trained young man with autism.

“Last week, she was contacted by one of her son’s teachers with regards to his IEP (individual education plan) where all aspects of his education and care at school are considered. The teacher asked if anything had changed in his home life? My patient immediately thought, ‘Now what?.’ But the teacher went on to speak in glowing terms of how the boy had improved dramatically at school! No more meltdowns on the bus, no more running off between the bus and the school because he didn’t want to be there. A much calmer, happier demeanor, with more affection and desire to communicate with the teachers and aids and to express affection.

“My patient shared the information about grounding/Earthing and explained that her son had been sleeping grounded. The teacher was fascinated and took down the information. Then she asked when the boy had started sleeping grounded. My patient said about three weeks. Astonished, the teacher said that perfectly matched the improvement in attitude and behavior.

“At the IEP meeting, all the other professionals that work with the boy confirmed the first teacher’s observations and shared her fascination for this simple, inexpensive therapy. Unfortunately, with autistic people, routine is very important, so any changes in diet/supplements/schedule are met with extreme resistance. For example, my patient was worried that her son would would take the Earthing sheet off the bed, but he accepted it with no problem.

“The boy has also been MUCH more cooperative with his morning routine at home, getting up, getting dressed, having breakfast, and going to the bathroom without a fuss. He has also been much more demonstrative and affectionate. My patient’s life is much easier.”

●  In the Earthing book, one California mother described the improvement of her young son who had been diagnosed with autism two years before. The boy did not sleep through the night and was subject to behavioral meltdown and crying in the afternoon. As the following report indicates, he continued to improve.

“Our five-year-old son is a completely different kid since he started to sleep grounded. He is in general education kindergarten this year, steadily making progress with his speech and behavioral issues, and currently doing school work at a first grade level. Most importantly, his sleep has been very consistent since being ‘grounded’ with the Earthing sheet. He sleeps 10 hours per night without waking up, and rises each morning feeling refreshed and happy. Sleep is a big issue, a snowball factor. From reading posts in my autism groups, depression and behavioral problems often occur with lack of restful sleep. Autistic kids seem to really be affected my bouts of insomnia.”

● “I have a son with severe autism and just got him a grounding mat. I have noticed that he is sleeping better, but find him irritable during the day. Not sure if this is just coincidence or he is doing some detox. This is his second week using the mat. Any help with this would be appreciated.”

Clint Ober’s comment: “Find ways to ground him during the day…. outdoors in yard or on concrete patio if possible…. grounded pillow cover, wrist band or mat to sit on while watching tv or similar activities….”

● From Lotta Ducaroir, April 2022: “I started using an earthing sheet with ground rod three night ago for my daughter with autism and PANS and I am blown away with the results. I saw a big difference after the first night and we have been doing biomedical interventions for nine years and I have never seen such drastic results so quickly.”

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