Blood Pressure

● “I’ve been grounding now for about 3 months and have had the most miraculous experience. Aches, pains and my stresses have all but disappeared. I feel relaxed and completely energized. In fact I’ll tell you I had BP readings of 140/110.  The doctor said I needed meds, and I said no, there is another way.  I started grounding with a mat that I sleep on and some wrist bands that I wrap around my feet when I sleep. I had a surgery recently and the pre-op nurse said as she was prepping me, and I quote: ‘Wow, are you vitals ever good.’ My blood pressure prior to surgery was a perfect 117/78 without any lifestyle changes aside from better nutrition. My oxygen saturation level was also perfect. Since that time I’ve conveyed my story to colleagues and friends. Of those who tried grounding, all have reported wonderful enhancements in their health and emotional well-being. What a miracle, it really is.”

● From a woman in Michigan after grounding for two years:  “I’ve been able to lower my blood pressure medication – from 20 to 5 milligrams – with a consistently lower reading that I haven’t seen since I started the medication more than a dozen years ago.”

● From another woman in Michigan: “I’m doing well – sleeping well,  no joint or heel pain now, no urinary problems, and my blood pressure is lower consistently – still take hypertension medicine, but a lowered dose – from 20 mg to 10 mg!  

● From a woman in Denmark:  “I’ve had problems with my blood pressure for several years and recently it went up to 180/105. On a Friday I started sleeping on a grounded sheet connected to a ground rod.  On Saturday morning, my blood pressure had already dropped to 152/78. After five days, it was 123/80, and after a week 123/70.  It may well be said to be normal.  I have been able to drop my blood pressure-lowering drugs.”

● From Jennifer Watanabe, 64, Pearl City, Hawaii: “For 6 years I had an undiagnosed infection on the right back side of my tongue. It was hard to eat, swallow or spit. VOILA! Within 1 day of Earthing, it was completely gone! I just walked barefoot outside on wet grass for couple of hours. I always also had bad, really bad body odor. No antiperspirants worked. Going vegan did not help. Soap and water was not enough. After 2 days of Earthing (2 hours a day barefoot on my wet grass), no smelly me. YAY!
“Now the kicker! I had to STOP my blood pressure meds…it was getting too low….same method..same time frame.
“After a week of barefoot walking on my lawn, I received my two Earthing mats. I use them daily…sleeping, sitting, etc. I have no pain, no high blood pressure drugs, no smelly me, no anxiety, and I sleep better. What a blessing.”

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