Body Odor

● From Jennifer Watanabe, 64, Pearl City, Hawaii: “For 6 years I had an undiagnosed infection on the right back side of my tongue. It was hard to eat, swallow or spit. VOILA! Within 1 day of Earthing, it was completely gone! I just walked barefoot outside on wet grass for couple of hours. I always also had bad, really bad body odor. No antiperspirants worked. Going vegan did not help. Soap and water was not enough. After 2 days of Earthing (2 hours a day barefoot on my wet grass), no smelly me. YAY!
“Now the kicker! I had to STOP my blood pressure meds…it was getting too low….same method..same time frame.
“After a week of barefoot walking on my lawn, I received my two Earthing mats. I use them daily…sleeping, sitting, etc. I have no pain, no high blood pressure drugs, no smelly me, no anxiety, and I sleep better. What a blessing.”

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